2016 Harley Davidson Street 750 – short review

2016 Harley Davidson Street 750 – short review

January 4, 2020 Off By The Editor

Here’s a short review of the 2016 Harley Davidson Street 750 by Samuel Joy. An IT sales professional and an avid automotive enthusiast and club chief of a motorcycling club he had in possession a family members piece. Here is his take on the motorcycle.

Top ten reasons to buy a Harley Davidson Street 750

1.)    Good proportionate cruiser design, reasonably big, not too intimidating and stealthy.

2.)    Seating posture is Neutral and very comfortable for long rides with ease along with a well-tuned suspension to soak bumps.

3.)    A torquey engine with power spread evenly throughout the rev range and & ample power to ride through the city.

4.)    The revolution X Engine is mostly vibration free & the bike can easily cruise at 110 with ease along with a good reserve.

5.)    Bike can easily pull from low speeds at high gears with a superb exhaust note as well.

6.)    Due to the low riding stance it hides the weight of around 200+ kgs very well & provides nimble handling once used to it.

7.)    Exhaust note is loud since this bike came fitted with Two Brothers exhaust which can crackle and pop on down shifts as well.

8.)    Smooth and positive gear shifts with few false neutrals once in a while.

9.)    Belt drive provides a smooth ride with no transmission loss with a major advantage of almost zero maintenance.

10.) The MRF Tires that this bike comes with is good but can be upgraded to extract a bit more grip.

What can be better

1.) This bike can heat a lot in the stop and go traffic & fry your inner thighs if not wearing the right gears.

2.) An RPM Meter and a gear shift indicator will help to extract some more kmpl from the bike.

3.) The intensity of stock headlamps inadequate and that is the first upgrade one should go for.

4.) The horn is inaudible given the exhaust note and can do with atleast a double tweeter or the ones found in sedans.

5.) Brakes even though sufficient enough to stop the bike feels wooden & upgraded if possible.

6.) Overall fit and finish of the bike could be better since there are a lot of exposed wires & the current setup is lacklustre.

7.) Indicators are reminiscent of a 100cc commuter motorcycle lacks the style quotient when compared to the Harley Davidson Street 750.