India Bike Week 2019 – Powerland showcases Electric ATV

India Bike Week 2019 – Powerland showcases Electric ATV

December 13, 2019 Off By The Editor
Powerland unveiled its Electric ATV at Vibrant Goa 2019. It is the most performance oriented among its current range of products. The electric ATV combines the serenity of sound and punch of performance by delivering 900 nm of torque through direct drive in- wheel motors.
The vehicle is well tested in sand dunes achieving gradients over 30 degrees. The vehicle is equipped with 4 driving modes which allows the customers to choose from 2WD to 4WD along with Eco & Boost option. Company is filing various patents on its powertrain technology such as Zero Radius Turn and Torque vectoring Techniques which will be introduced to limited units for its customers.img 20191017 wa00132093422350

Hon. Chief minister of Goa Pramod Sawant  at Vibrant Goa 2019 with Powerland ATV team.

These vehicles are extremely ideal for stealth applications to leisure drives with unrivalled refinement levels.

Powerland has already started taking pre bookings for its electric ATV and look to deliver the 1st batch of vehicles by March 2020.

Market strategy

Powerland’s focuses more on social media marketing and generates lead through its website. As per the current market scenario we have more customers who are adventure sports enthusiast and some from horticulture industry.
The company is all pitching its products to various public sector organizations, geological survey and also for law enforcement applications.

Comparison – Electric Vs Fossil fuel ATV

The Electric ATV is faster, smoother and more economical to run than diesel & Gasoline ATV. The average cost per km would be around Rs. 0.75/- as compared to Diesel which is Rs. 5.8/- .
The refinement levels are much higher and its more electronically equipped, Powerland has developed an app where you can get all the data via your smart phone.

In terms of the pricing, the electric ATV will be more costlier than the diesel & petrol ATV, However over time powerland plans to reduce dependency on imports and localize a majority of its components which includes in house motors and battery development. The company also believes the battery costs will come down to USD 150-170 per kw over the next 3 years.

Current line up

The current line consists of 900D diesel ATV (tractor), they also import and assemble petrol ATV & UTV with Yamaha engines for coastal security and power sport activities.

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