Stiletto Shifter – Shilpa Balakrishnan

November 16, 2017 1 By The Editor

We are proud to debut our series “Stiletto Shifter” with Shilpa Balakrishnan, A biker of few words who lets the odometer do the talking. Having traversed the extremities of the country earlier this year, She believes there is still a lot more to India and is looking forward to her next outing whenever it comes her way.


I am a lady biker who is enthusiastic about travelling to any place in the world. Challenges and adventures is what I love the most and can’t rest in peace when I am sitting idle.

My association with riding began when I started riding in 2004 as a onetime leisure pursuit. I associated with my riding group only 10 years later i.e. 2013

My previous rides were – I learnt to ride on a Hero Honda Splendor, in the past I rode other bikes as well before settling to own a Honda Unicorn and later a CBR 250 R

My options were – There weren’t many options much appealing to me, so I took what was the latest in the market. Honda is known for its reliability, and I can say, it has not let me down in all these years of owning their motorcycles.

I chose my current bike because its comfort, practicality, low maintenance, required power, reliability and ready availability led me to choose my current bike. There was an immediate connect between me and my bike.

The number of kilometers clocked so far On all the bikes that I have ridden, I have cumulatively covered an approx. 2, 50,000 kilometers or maybe more.

My most memorable rides Most of my rides have been memorable ones, but the one ride that took me forward to clock more miles is the trip I went on: Mumbai – Bangalore – Mysore – Coorg. It gave me the confidence to visit new places as well as unexplored ones and allowed me to get comfortable doing it.

I would recommend/ Not recommend that girls/ ladies buy this bike because Choose what you feel is best suited to you. Every bike has its own pros and cons. I look at the following aspects before choosing a bike for me

  • Practical
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Spares availability
  • Reliability
  • And most importantly – my comfort at riding the machine



Photo Credits: Shilpa Balakrishnan

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