A 365 [word] review – KTM DUKE 390 (BS3 Variant)

June 28, 2017 0 By The Editor


Ninja 0061

The wrist shields only add to the glamour of this pocket rocket

I had a chance encounter with the so called hooligan – the KTM Duke 390 (2013 version). Basis the not so satisfactory encounter with the 200 about 4 years back (from the time this review was written) at first i was hesitant to have a go at the 390, I figured it was time to face my demons. Astride the Duke with a pillion i fired the ignition to be greeted by a grunt that is resonant of the “Rickshaw” as a friend once put it. Unlike most bikes in its class (at least as far as the power goes) the duke 390 has the entire pull factor once you blip that throttle. A whiplash away, lay your slain ego destroyed by that very nippy throttle. Though you are tempted to 360 the throttle, with a little practice even a RE won’t know when you whizzed past. Unlike its younger sibling the 390, one would feel a lot more comfortable and a ride that you want to take into the sunset. Just that – you would wish for a meatier fuel tank to feed your beast.

The ABS kicks in when ever commanded by the rider’s right foot. It indeed is a clear winner between the green lights, over the bumps and through the traffic. The HUD is pretty much shared with the 200 and is the snazziest one’s I’ve ever seen till date. The pillion’s stance is tad bit high and the ratio of pillion to rider seat area could be better. She doesn’t seem to want to topple over you in spite of this factor. With the exception being her going gaga over that weekend road trip she had with you astride the 390. In any case the grab rails do come as a standard fitment ;).


Ninja 0062

Is that a seat or an excuse for the word mischief ?

Yes indeed everyone has spoken loads about its performance (and brutal power) and the like and for a sub 2 lakhs (ex- showroom) . This review is all about the oomph factor and sex appeal this bike exuberates. So if you are planning this as a show bike I rather take this time to discourage you and save you that chance of not being up to SPEED..For with great power comes great responsibility, isnt it?

Pix courtesy: Preetam Bose & Avishar Dutta [www.pixelpeppermint.com]