Akshada Kokane – Yamaha MT 15 Review: The Ultimate Charmer?

Akshada Kokane – Yamaha MT 15 Review: The Ultimate Charmer?

January 13, 2023 1 By The Editor

Akshada Kokane – Yamaha MT 15 Review

Yamaha MT 15 Review: The Dark Side is taking over India and is one of the preferred motorcycles for the female riders today. Its razor sharp styling is cutting through the heart of them ladies. The handling, performance and agility is on their mind as one of the top contenders. Today we have Akshada Kokane – a Yamaha MT-15 BS6 ICE FLUO – VERMILLION owner. Without further Ado let’s get to know her point of review.

I am…

Hello! I’m Akshada Kokane, also known as girlonmt15 on Instagram. I own a 2021 Yamaha MT15 BS. I was born & raised in Khopoli.For higher studies I moved to Pune. I fell in love with the atmosphere old school charm of Pune and its been 8 years since then. Also, I am the Founder/Captain for The NXT Ride – Pune, a Yamaha MT15 owners riding group.


My association with riding began when…

when I was a kid, every sunday bike exhaust sounds crossing from Lonavala Ghat used to wake me up, bikers passing from old pune-mumbai highway used to wave towards people watching, standing among the crowd I started to dream about buying a bike.

After shifting to Pune for my higher education, I used to borrow bikes from my male friends. After gaining some confidence, i decided to give a try for my first ride to Lavasa on Pulsar NS200. I still remember all the butterflies in the stomach while crossing the Lavasa ghat. I rode across the ghat, entered lavasa city & returned back to my hostel with a great smile and huge proud heart.

Since then I never got any 2nd thought about bikes or bike ride, yrs passed, i kept riding with friends as pillion or sometimes on my hero pleasure moped. Finally after saving for months with complete support from my family i took the decision and brought this Dark side of Japan home.


My previous rides were…

A Hero Pleasure scooterette. However, I learned riding a motorcycle on the Bajaj Pulsar NS200


My options were… Yamaha MT 15 Contenders in the race


Yamaha MT 15 – I chose my current bike because

I always wanted a light weight bike as I’m short in height and lean in built. When I went for the Yamaha MT 15 test ride I realised that this bike is perfect for me. This is because it is easy to balance and at the same time is powerful and aggressive. What really charmed me was the headlight design. Those intensely deep eyes made me fall in love with the motorcycle. Yes, the matte finish Ice Fluo Vermilion color indeed is a cherry on cake.

yamaha mt 15 vermillion
Overall, the Yamaha MT 15 is a complete package in the 150cc segment. It has got all features of an aggressive yet lightweight bike –
  • Adequate power,
  • Best in class performance,
  • Ergonomic sitting posture for the rider,
  • Good mileage,
  • Also, it definitely scores in the looks aspect too.


The number of kilometres clocked so far on the Yamaha MT 15

23,000 kms in 23 months.

My most memorable rides on the Yamaha MT 15

Mu most memorable ride was the Pune – Satara ride in November 2021. It was my first longest ride – 370 kilometers round trip. I decided to invite all my biker friends for this ride which included owners of:

  • Yamaha
  • Royal Enfield
  • KTM &
  • Yamaha MT 15

Surprisingly, 13 of my friends showed up and joined me for the ride. We started our ride at 5 in the morning. On the way, we took our first halt – for Breakfast then reached Thoseghar Waterfalls. The beautiful ghat road, huge windmills , and foggy weather made our ride more mesmerizing.

We spent most of our time at the waterfalls and then left for Chalkewadi Windmill Farm.

In true biker spirit, we too started to take photos of the line-up. No sooner we did that, it started raining at the location. Thus, we decided to return back. We reached home late at night after having dinner on the way. And so, the breakfast ride turned into a one day return picnic ride. Interestingly, that day I decided to start my own riding group too.

This, initially started as a group for casually sharing photos of the ride on WhatsApp. Today after a year, many rides, and millions of memories this group has turned into a beautiful family. I have been commuting for seven years on a two wheeler. But one of the most memorable ones will always be the ride to Thoseghar waterfalls. Because here going beyond stereotypes, I started my own Riding group – The NXT Ride.


I would recommend/ Not recommend that girls/ ladies buy Yamaha MT 15 because

  • The Yamaha MT 15 is a very light weight motorcycle.
  • It gives you 45-50 Kmpl mileage.
  • The MT 15 is definitely one of a kind in the styling department and thus ideal for the youth.
  • It’s a great machine for city routes, off-road and good for long rides too.
  • The only drawback about this machine which i feel is its pillion seat, its size makes the pillion very uncomfortable for long rides.
  • Overall, It’s a perfect combination of light weight motorcycle with a great power. This is definitely a plus point for all girls/ladies out there who are bike enthusiasts.