Bajaj Dominar 400 Ownership Tips

Bajaj Dominar 400 Ownership Tips

August 22, 2018 0 By The Editor

Bajaj Dominar 400 Ownership Tips – 15 Best practices to a Content and Happy owner

The Bajaj Dominar 400 Launched on 15th December 2016, with the booking done online within a couple of hours I became a proud owner of the 1st ever “Premium Segment” motorcycle put together by Bajaj Auto. While some congratulated and applauded me on the new Bajaj Dominar 400 Ownership, there were others who were like wait and watch. Well for those of you who said so – I waited and watched this machine for over two years ever since I saw it through pictures that were showcased at the Auto Expo 2014. All I could see was a “Faster NS” that had looks to kill in addition to the split display which indeed was the deal breaker for me.

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While I do stand by my opinion about the Bajaj Dominar 400 as shared with the Tech N Wheelz team here are 15 practices I follow to remain not just a happy but also a content owner of this motorcycle.

Bajaj Dominar 400 Ownership Tips – 15 Best practices to a Content and Happy owner

1. Read before you leap:

Before you begin riding your motorcycle spend quality time reading owner’s manual. You probably invested countless hours just reading and researching about the Bajaj Dominar 400 before you purchased it. Take a couple more hours in reading through the manual which apart from other issues tells you what is and what are NOT covered under warranty

2. When in doubt, works it out!

The sentence is as confusing as you would be when you receive contrasting solutions from owners of the same motorcycle. Before you put a question to them do take time out to visit the works manager of the dealership from where you purchased the vehicle. Apart from advertisements to attract customer attention, manufacturers also invest heavily in training not just technicians but also the Works Managers so that they are not clueless in case of an escalation. Seeking help on technical issues from an owner can be disastrous.


3. Fill ‘em up, No?

Indeed you have invested close to Two Lakh Rupees to own your dream machine. Imagine if you were the proud owner of an exotic breed pet animal, would you feed it sub standard food? A lesson learnt about fuel injected machines are that while they are made to run on regular fuel it is a good practice to fill premium quality fuel wherever available. Additionally, if there are concerns about the quality switch between fuel bunks in your city. BY doing so, you would be able to identify the best place to fill fuel. Remember the last time you ate out and ended up with an upset stomach? Well something like that…29403727 1873554656008950 4971101131003396096 n

4. Moodify Karo

We all love to accessories our motorcycles. However before you do so, it would be best to review the owner’s manual. Also do consult the service team so that you do not end up with a lemon or feeling like a patient with a botched up plastic surgery.


5. Jugaad

Using a workaround or jugaad on your motorcycle is potentially dangerous. Apart from life threatening it could also violate the terms of vehicle insurance too


6. Insurance

Since most of the owners will complete a year of ownership it will be a good idea to opt for a zero depreciation. An insurance policy that saves you on repair costs in case of an accident. To acquaint yourself with the terms of insurance you can either visit your dealership or a local insurance agent. In case you did not claim insurance you stand to benefit up to about 20% “no claim bonus” upon renewal or a switch to another company.


7. Hawa Hawai

The general observation is that given its competitive price point, the Bajaj Dominar owners were commuters who ran their vehicles on the 25/35 concept when it comes to maintaining the air pressure. The ideal tyre pressure to be maintained is 29PSI in the front and 32 PSI in the rear. Any deviation and you will end up with a bumpy ride. Or the invoice of a new set of tyres because of wear and tear due to under inflation.


8. Brakeology

Maintaining the standard norm of ratios can be tricky due to ABS. However it will only burn the rear brake pads and your wallet sooner than expected. In case you find any sound emitting from the wheels when you apply the brakes, wash the discs and throw water in the caliper area. Dust jammed within the brake pads and discs tend to create these annoyances. Avoid any detergent or cloth on the discs or caliper. If the issue is not solved then it is advisable to visit a service station.


9. Burlesque Behemoth

Packing in the muscle of a battleship and fusing it together with the agility of a fighter jet make the Dominar unlike any other motorcycles till the time this was published. When in traffic, be careful when you put your foot down. Sudden manoeuvres tend to shift the weight to the leg that goes down and it can give you a muscle sprain.


10. Safety First

Keeping in mind that this is nearly two hundred kilograms in weight and the force of its impact irrespective the speed of this on any object is best left out of imagination.  The helmet with the visor shut and belt strapped on helps keep you comfortable at times of high crosswinds and save you the trouble when riding over bumps and potholes too.


11. Switch off, save ON

While it may go unnoticed in smaller capacity engines, in the Dominar it is indeed a good idea to switch of the engine at signals that run for longer than 60 seconds. At major roads there are counters installed to countdown so that you get sufficient time to start the engine. Usually anywhere between 20 and 5 seconds works depending on your reflexes, also it gives the engine a breather.



For the first five thousands kilometres keep a watch for the coolant levels. The motorcycle has a tendency to vaporize a decent amount of coolant, this is purely affected by the riding style.


13. Almond or Coconut or anything else??

Obviously, not for the motorcycle but for the shell that encloses the neurons. It is real simple while the “orange side” yes for another brand, Bajaj has “totally” given the supply to another company altogether. As a best practice it be best to stick with stock options until the extent of the warranty or the dealership agrees to his peril. Apart from costs there are probably other reasons why the manufacturer opted for an all new vendor. As regards top-up goes it is best to stick with the manual. If in doubt get the levels checked with the service station.


14. “STEP UP” 

We spent a good amount of our life’s saving to buy our dream machine. Did we spend time making peace with the fact that this BEAST is going to demand more out of us? Be it in terms of fuel economy or other nitty-gritties? While for some it is their first motorcycle in some cases and upgrade. In the rarest it is the “Rides only Ride” from fuel to maintenance the bike will demand more as compared to even its 200cc siblings. We need to understand with great power comes a great responsibility. Good riding habits and timely service will save the owner and kind of inconvenience.


15. “For the love of Motorcycling”

The Bajaj Dominar 400 took its time to reach the stores and did undergo some changes in a very short span of time. Just like a baby turning toddler the bike, the manufacturer and the owners are also learning. It is best to be patient. In case of any issues no matter how grave, follow the right path of escalation to the highest level possible. If one takes a look around there isn’t any direct competitor to it yet. This truly is a niche segment while there is no denying that DOM is an inspiration that brings its owners a step closer to the experience of premium motorcycle.


And concludes our piece on Bajaj Dominar 400 Ownership Tips !!

#Dominatethenight or simply #GoHyperriding, do it #Fortheloveofmotorcycling and do not forget that helmet, Ride Hard Ride Safe, Cheers!!

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