Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 – 1st Ride Review

Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 – 1st Ride Review

May 20, 2017 0 By The Editor

Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 – 1st Ride Review

The Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 indeed has a “KICK” of sorts. No, I am not referring to the brown colour curvy short kick that comes on the AS 150. As a first impression, the strong presence held by the AS 150 is such that visually both are alike. Indeed we will have to give Team Bajaj a round of applause for that. Not too long ago somewhere the valley city of Lavasa, amongst the lush greenery and the flowing water bodies now lay barren and dried up. Thus giving an opportunity to break ground on the green moss soil to see how much of an adventure will this new SPORT be. Sadly enough the Pulsar AS 150 failed at just one aspect – disappointment.

Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 – DEFINITELY MALE?

Unlike the standard “definitely male” that has be dominating the arena in spite of fierce competition from the other 150s in its class. Yet, that 144+cc core has stood by the sands of time. Most of the now ‘established’ Bikers of different orders. Be it the stunt motorcyclists or the journalists, they have their roots of motorcycling somewhere or the other in the 150 and the 180 Pulsar. What each one felt with every twitch or a muscle whether organic or metal, is on print or jettisoned into the internet already.

Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 – THE DOPPLEGANGER

With the exception of the engine, the AS150 shares most of it looks with the AS200. The front projector lamp housed half fairing. Add to it the 2nd generation meter console from the likes of the NS. It does create not a first but also a positive and lasting impression. The split level seating arrangement for the rider and his or her pillion. Thereby, this setup adds to the comfort on every bump and crater.

A saddle bag and tank bag was loaded to see how they would add up to the comfort. Be it a quick holiday getaway or a long vacation, without these kinds of essentials it would be rope and bungees. Interestingly enough it was pleasing with the placement it gave. And yes, given the fact that the AS 150 holds true to its nomenclature an adventure of sorts is in store. And last but not the least, the same sparkled indicators and tailgate that conclude the bodyline of this latest offering from the Bajaj stable.

Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 – The Engine

I rode  the AS150, from the serene slopes of Lavasa overlooking the gorgeous scenery and down into the valley. I began to paint some elbow grease with the younger one. The AS 200 shares the mill of the NS with a few refinements. The AS 150 has a class of its own with its very own 150cc engine. Taking you places is not just the end of it.

The light and efficient titanium like element (read – AS 150) on wheels makes way for all the:
  • riding,
  • touring,
  • holidaying and
  • etc “INGs” that you want to throw at it.

This little wonder is as nimble as the word itself. Like a jungle cat it can spring on its feet from ground zero. Revving it up was easy with 40 in the 1st gear. So also, 60 in 2nd gear going all the way to the top .


Yes, the one down four up combination has finally evolved after all these years. Ride quality wise there were no falsies. However, the only truth is that I felt that this is a miniature NS. Smooth as butter trickling down the speedometer the numbers went with every rev that i threw at it. They allow you to switch from Drag to Enduro mode at your will without much ado.