Cannibalistically dominating? leave that misconception to the amateurs

June 16, 2017 0 By The Editor

There were many misconceptions created in the minds of prospective buyers when the Bajaj Dominar 400 was launched. it was indeed clear that Bajaj Auto had launched a niche product that was out to challenge not just the opponent it was meant to take the fight to, it could do much more.

rs 20 d400

On a ride  from Mapro Garden, Mahabaleshwar down to Narhe Exit two motorcyclists rode down in tandem covering the distance in least time possible. The rider of the Dominar was the designated lead rider and it was pre-decided that both of them would ride Pune together till Narhe exit and then go their own ways.

rs 20 d400 2 1

  1. Dominar has a better pick up than RS.

  2. Dominar is quicker than the RS 200.

  3. On the RS 200 after 130 there rate of acceleration seems to drop Dominar.

  4. Since Dominar is a tourer bike, it is not that good at corners.

  5. You can lean RS lower than Dominar since it is a sports bike.

  6. Dominar is pretty heavy but it has a 400cc engine to back its bulky weight.

  7. Dominar looks very muscular whereas the RS looks sporty.

  8. Seating position on Dominar is more comfortable than on RS.

  9. Dominar has a Slipper clutch that makes clutch and shifting gear smoother than RS.

  10. Dominar has Dual channel ABS where in RS has Single channel ABS which makes braking on Dominar much reliable and safe than RS.

  11. Even at high speeds you can easily control the bike since it’s heavy so it sticks to the road and it makes easy for the rider to handle the bike.

  12. The engine start-up sound on Dominar sounds like a Ducati Diavel where on RS it is a grunt.

  13. For a pillion, the Dominar is more comfortable in comparison to the RS.

 rs 20 d400 1

After drawing comparisons and giving his feedback on the both the motorcycles, the conversation on Whatsapp was something like this:

 Are u praising the Dom and calling your bike shit or is this your opinion                        

What I wrote is what I found in Dominar. It is better than RS in any situation except of cornering

, Because it’s a 400cc, To bhai sab barabari ka mukabla hi nahi hai. Jaha hai vaha dono apno jagah hai like sports bike hai to corner me achi  Nd tourer hai to comfortable  Rest all like engine is better but obvious. Brakes are better on the Dominar and featured with dual channel ABS. So obviously that is better.

But I always felt that you could have caught up                        

Just that because I was leading you stayed behind                       

Yeah I could have caught up. But actually you were not riding Dominar to its full potential

If you ride at that instance I would not be able to catch

On straight I was at 160 kmph tops, what was your top speed?                       

I clocked at 155kmph

At redline?

That is why I said Dominar is faster. Yep I was at 12k rpm on sixth gear. And that is my fastest speed, I have tried many times to go faster but engine clocks at 155kmph

Did you calculate the estimated mileage? Until panvel I got about 28/29 kmpl                       

Even I got the same I did not calculate but I can predict.

In city conditions how much do you get?                       

30-35 kmpl, you?


About 25                        


Would you exchange the RS200 for a Dominar? If not then what would you upgrade to?                       

Okay personally I would upgrade to a 600cc or above bike. Like a Kawasaki z1000, Zx10r* Or BMW s1000rr

Let us talk about a bike below 500cc less that 4 lakhs

Then I would go for a Yamaha r3

R3 is no longer available, next option?

Or KTM RC390

Reason for RC390?

Dude, I am kind of sports bike person so I will always go with a heavy fairing type bike because that is a sports bike.


Disclaimer: Both riders who were part of this ride wore helmets and full safety gear as they were on an official group ride. The riding conditions were conducive due to clear weather and less traffic. From the beginning of the ride until the publishing of this write up the reasons for the pointers asked for were not given so as to ensure that the Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 owner did not give a bias opinion.