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DOMINAR XPLORER by AUTOLOGUE DESIGN is a bolt on conversion kit for the Bajaj Dominar. It transforms the stock Bajaj Dominar into its touring avatar. Typically this kit is compatible with all the existing versions of the Bajaj Dominar. Cutting out on all the irrelevant banter on the Bajaj Dominar 400, its siblings relatives far and distant we will jump right to the basics.

The Beginning:

Here is a quick look of the 2019 Bajaj Dominar in its “fully loaded” avatar before installation of the body kit. This gives complete picture of the motorcycle. This photo is with its accessories which includes products from Autologue Design and Zana Motorcycles:

The Dominar Xplorer body kit comes with a slightly raised headlamp for better lighting and the “adventure feel”.

Here is a full view of the motorcycle in its prototype avatar.

The Current color is a Ferrari Red with white inserts and Autologue insignia.  This build is unique and customized as per Dipen’s taste. Regular customers will get standard design, which can be checked on Autologue Design’s Instagram page. 


To know more about pricing and to order the Bajaj Dominar Xplorer body kit click here

The beauty of this kit is that almost all aftermarket visors can be installed. This is possible because the visor mounting points have not changed.  So also the same goes for the stock number plate mount as well.

And here is a detailed quick walk around of the Autologue Design Dominar Xplorer:

Autologue Design Dominar Xplorer | Part 1 | Walk Around & Photo Slide Show | DNA VLOGS

This is just part 1 with basic walk around and slide show of the bike looks. More videos coming up soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon for all updates from Dipen’s channel. 


In addition to the DOMINAR XPLORER by AUTOLOGUE DESIGN these are the current Accessories on the bike

  1. Zana Crash guard – This is a straight fit to the Bajaj Dominar with the xplorer kit
  2. (Zana) GPS mount – This is also a straight fit on the stock handle
  3. Zana Top Rack Type 3
  4. SVS motoworld Fork Sliders
  5. KTM oem knuckle guards



  • ASG TOP Box
  • SVS motoworld Handlebar Risers
  • Timsun Tyres
  • A Tyre Hugger Set up designed by Dipen himself
  • Tail Tidy setup from Autologue Design
  • Mobile charger
  • Highway Flasher from Simtac


 About Dipen Nisar Autovlogs:

Dipen Nisar Autovlogs ( DNA VLOGS) is an individual enterprise based on the startup concept. Typically a Youtube content creator and a sole entity by Dipen Nisar. The focus is on building content videos related to the automotive sector. Be it a motorcycle, scooter or a car or remotely related accessories. They also work around safety gears, drives and rides based on travel stories & location formats.

 About Autologue Design

Autologue Design was launched in 2013 with a purpose to provide options and solutions to automotive enthusiasts, derived from automotive conversations. Autologue Design is joint venture by Mukul Nanda, a Post Graduate from DYPDC, and Indian Cricketer Yuvraj Singh in 2013 with an objective to cater to the Indian Automotive Enthusiasts like themselves.


“Our aim is to bring Indian automotive designing at par with global standards. We are constantly updating ourselves with current trends in international designs. Thereby making sure that the modern Indian enthusiast  gets what he or she aspires for and deserves. To make sure that our end products meet quality standards, most of the detailing & manufacturing processes are kept in-house to ensure that our products are truly top-notch.”

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