MANTIS unveiled at India Bike Week 2019

MANTIS unveiled at India Bike Week 2019

December 7, 2019 0 By The Editor

ORXA’s first bike to be launched mid-2020 in Bengaluru

The 2019 edition of India Bike Week began with a bang as the first bike revved into the main area – The MANTIS; India’s first fully-electric street bike. Coming from ORXA Energies, a Performance Electric Vehicle & Energy Systems startup, The MANTIS is styled as a Naked-Sports Fully-Electric Street Bike aimed at rapidly electrifying all transport.


Speaking about the launch, Ranjita Ravi and Dr Prajwal Sabnis, Co-Founders, ORXA Energies said, “We are proud to launch the MANTIS, the first-of-its-kind fully-electric street bike in India right now. The MANTIS is a Naked-Sports performance electric motorcycle. It is set for its commercial launch in mid-2020. Our aim, since inception, has been to provide a credible & seamless electric alternative to serious bikers. Designed as a no-compromise alternative and a seamless shift from ICEs to EVs, The MANTIS is designed with an engineering-driven, performance-oriented, and customer-validated motorcycles. We are driven to change popular perception about EVs i.e. inadequate range, inferior performance and weak acceleration. And with The MANTIS, we believe we have a winner.”

After this first look, ORXA will be commercially launched in Bengaluru, followed by other Indian cities with a strong biking culture as well as an early-adopter culture. The philosophy of the bike is No-Compromise as no one should have to change their lifestyle or habits to fit an EV, and Seamless because the experience of riding a Mantis should be a seamless experience for the rider.

The frame of The MANTIS is an all-aluminum one that has been designed with great detail. Getting the weight, handling & ease of throwing the bike around turns perfect have been challenging, especially given the massive 9kWh battery pack. The MANTIS will give its riders 200 kms of range on real riding conditions (not idealized).


Feature / Specification

The MANTIS Motorcycle


Naked Sports
Fully-Electric naked Sports Motorcycle

Real Range
200 Kms per charge
“Real Range” refers to actual range under typical urban driving conditions (accelerations, braking, etc.) Not an idealized range.

Top Speed
Designed for 140 kmph

0-100 in less than 8 seconds

Charging time
Less than 3.5 hours
Charging on a normal household heating line for the full 9kwh / 200 kms

Swap Time
Less than 3 min

Motor Power
Designed for 25KW Peak

Kerb Weight
175 Kgs
Inclusive of battery weight

Battery Pack Weight
  • Weight – 63 Kgs
  • 9 kWh of energy storage,
  • 200 Kms real range in 6 swappable, modular battery packs.
  • Packs are rugged & exposed


  • All-Aluminium frame
  • Aerospace-grade Aluminium Alloy.
  • Exposed Frame.  aligned with the true Naked Sports segment
Seat Height
805 mm


1450 mm


  • 41 mm Front forks Rear – Monoshock
  • Custom designed Shocks for Orxa Energies
Battery Capacity
9 kwh in 6 swap-ready modules (1.5 KWH each)

Battery Packs

  • Orxa Battery Packs: Standard, “off-the-shelf”, Lithium Ion chemistry
  • Orxa’s proprietary design & development.
  • Modular, Swap-Ready, & Stackable.
  • Proprietary BMS & other electronic systems.
  • Validated on 5 different vehicle platforms.

17” Alloy Rim

7” color display

Target Price – Between Rs. 3 to 4 Lakhs

About ORXA Energies

Founded in August 2015 by Dr Prajwal Sabnis and Ranjita Ravi, is a boot-strapped company that emerged from Airbus Bizlab, the start-up accelerator of the Aerospace giant, Airbus. The idea of ORXA stemmed from Prajwal’s passion for developing a performance electric solution to his home-town, Bengaluru’s pollution problem, and Ranjita’s dream to make sustainability a profitable business model. From developing a germ of an idea in 2013 to entering into a self-imposed silent period in 2017, that allowed ORXA to focus on product development, target specifications, R&D, filing patents, and securing funding, the company has traversed a long journey to unveil their first-ever bike before the strong biking community.