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The classic bikes that ruled the roads of late 90’s were the JAWAs. A Czech origin company which was one among the great ammunition suppliers to the world wars. This company happened to take the market of bikes out of nowhere.
The classic maroon became the trade Chroma of this company. The twin silencer exhausts gave out the best harmonic symphony. As people say, this was a legend in the making. JAWA started out small and eventually flew high. From mopeds to bikes and bikes to cars this company made the market look at its best designs, performance etc.

Today I am going to make sure that you get to know the main features of Jawa 353 which got me awestruck after knowing it.

So let’s start with the engine . The Jawa 353 which came with a 248.5 cc engine displacement. It produced 12 BHP power and had a dominant engine. This bike also had an option to change the wheels ,”INTERCHANGABLE WHEELS”. Yeah you read it right, the jawa 353 wheels were made of  the same dimensions! This created an option to inter change the wheels. This could be done easily when any of the wheels had a problem. Coming to the gear shifters, gears were changed without the help of an external clutch. The shifters of this bike were manufactured in such a way that it had an automated clutch. In other words these shifters had an internal clutch system which would work when the rider wished to change the gear. This was the amount of tech used by the JAWAs in late90’s! The unseen wiring added to the design and looks of this beast. This bike had its wires kept covered from the environment. To be  precise, the wires from the odometer or the wires leading to the headlamps didn’t peek out rather the body was designed to hold them inside.

The seats were designed in the “guitar” shape which gave good comfort to the rider. The chromic maroon color gave this bike an imperial look.  It’s always a bliss to watch the maroon knight flyby. The twin silencer exhausts are the virtuoso of this beast. The synchronous beat of the piston is still a better harmony than many songs. A same lever for the gear and starter made a good impact in reducing the kerb weight of this heavy beast.

This extraordinary company has made a comeback to the present market making it the most searched bike online. With good reviews and feedback the jawa moto lovers are waiting to get their hands on the new beasts and take them for a jaunt.

After homework and other research I came up with this article on the jawa353 because it reminded me of what an actual bike looked like back then.

I would like to end this with my very own quote “YOU OWN A JAWA , YOU OWN IT ALL”


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Rakshith Gowrishankar