KTM DUKE 250 & Darshana Sasane – Stuntastic Stiletto Shifter

KTM DUKE 250 & Darshana Sasane – Stuntastic Stiletto Shifter

November 3, 2023 0 By The Editor

KTM DUKE 250 & Darshana Sasane – Stuntastic Stiletto Shifter

From track and rally racers to endurance motorcyclists and novices, we have met every type of stiletto shifter, well almost… Today we are out on a wheel with Darshana Sasane and her BS6 KTM DUKE 250. This lady is not just a talented stunt rider she indeed has what is a rare trait – thinking on her feet.

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We made acquaintance with her at the recently held Oktober Sundowner 2023. An evening extravaganza  organised by Pune Motor Festival in association with Sera Stunt Institute in Undri, South Pune. One of the surprise acts  for the evening, Darshana held the crowd in awe with her set. Currently a student at the institute she is honing her skills under the guidance of Kuldip Singh, Founder & chief trainer at the institute. So without further ado lets hear what she has to say about her KTM DUKE 250…


A brief introduction about yourself:

Hi, I am Darshana Sasane. A young stunt girl based in Mumbai, India. In 2022, I started stunt riding. I was living alone in Pune to learn stunt riding at Sera Stunt Institute. I have learned all my stunts from there. Before Sera also I used to stunt but I learnt professionally from the Institute. I wanted to learn when I was 17 years old but it was not possible and i started when I was 19 years old.

I started learning but then COVID happened and I had no place to stay in Pune. After COVID in 2021, I found a proper stay and work and education while learning to stunt. Sera Stunt Institute has helped me through the entire journey.


My association with riding began when

I began my riding journey when I was in 8th grade at the age of 13 years old. I was inspired looking at my mom ride bikes and that’s where my interest came from. I first rode my uncle’s bike after which I used to borrow my neighbours bike to learn.


My previous rides were:

The KTM Duke 250 is my first motorcycle that I bought in 2020.


My options were:

My options were KTM Duke 200 BS4 , Bajaj Pulsar 220 and TVS Apache 160.


I chose the KTM Duke 250 because

The KTM Duke 250 was the first BS6 bike to be launched in the market. While it is an agile motorcycle, this in-born agility makes it apt for precision motorcycling or stunting.

The number of kilometres clocked so far

The BS6 KTM Duke 250 has clocked approximately 20,000 kms in 2 years time.


My most memorable rides on the KTM DUKE 250 motorcycle

The most memorable ride was Mumbai to Alibaug, it will always be on top of my list. I had decided to take the Eastern Express Highway – Panvel – Pen route to reach Alibaug. I started ride at 6am in the morning. I took a break for having some breakfast at the snack center. Started the ride again and soon were in Pen. Went past the Karnala Bird Sanctuary.

The condition of the road felt pretty decent but a bit narrow though due to construction work still in progress. However from here on the road conditions on this route from Mumbai to Alibaug is also quite good. Yes, it does take more time than the previous one and sometimes you run into traffic. This is where I loosen up a bit and let that throttle go.

Once you take the turn for Alibaug  the route is a scenic one. With trees on both sides, a ghat with corners that let me take advantage of the agility of the KTM Duke 250. Finally I reached Alibaug city. Alibaug is a beautiful beach town that offers a relaxing, tranquil break from city life. Clean beaches, super delicious seafood, I reached home by 9pm. With the Duke 250 as a riding partner I am amazed that I could have such a great time visiting Alibaug and back, that too in one day.


Would recommend/ Not recommend that girls/ ladies buy this bike because

The BS6 KTM Duke 250 is one of the most powerful 250cc motorcycles and as mentioned before the superb handling makes its the perfect fit for me.

With great power comes a compromise of mileage so for city use in a crowded place like mumbai it is taxing on the wallet. Also given the current proportions of the motorcycle vs me during stunting at time it can get overwhelming.

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