KTM Duke 250 review – The dark horse

January 11, 2019 0 By The Editor

The 2019 Duke 250 is more enticing than ever.

This has to be the “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ” . To start with , the mixture of amazing power and elegant design marks the entry of this beast. The 6GEARS provide all the zeal required to cover roads untravelled . Mounting on this CHAIN DRIVED machine helps you to get lost in the anima. With a 41KMPL mileage and 248.8CC of engine displacement this bike is a blend of racing machine and family bike. The colossal tank can store 13.4L of juice.

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IMG 20190115 WA0015

Coming to the foot pegs, they are placed at an certain angle which provides the rider to jaunt longer. A slightly bigger handlebar then before not only adds to the charming looks but also provides good stability. The big tyres are a blis for any stunt enthusias and ktm never fails to provide that. These big tyres provide good traction between the bike and the road . There is a slight change in the ROAR of this model compared to the ones launched earlier . This bike doesn’t provide you the best sounding during engine breaking but that doesn’t mean it shows austere qualities. The Duke 250 comes with a normal exhaust which can be replaced with ones like the akrapovic , leo vince and what not. The presence of exhaust silencer adds to the 41kmpl milage. The bybre never fails to amaze us with its breaking power and this little beast has best in class breaks.

IMG 20190115 WA0014

To come to the cons of this beast I’d start with the acute heating and cooling of the engine. Short rides gets the engine pumped up soon but the cooling cuts off the ignition . This may result in the drop of milage meagrely. The light bulbs are fit in such a way that any rider can have good visibility of road but here, it focuses less on the road. The rear shock feels a small end when you sit as a pillion and ride through the potholes .

IMG 20190115 WA0011

For a 6 footer like me this bike goes well –



Th bigger handlebar and angled footpegs kept me erect most of the time. The small potholes didn’t matter as the front suspension is just great . Power being amazing , breaking magnificent , this is THE DARK HORSE . Less known to people , much to explore this beast
Don’t bite off more than you can chew , choose this bike if you are capable of handling it’s animosity .
Don’t blame the company for your mistakes.

If you are an adrenaline junkie just like me, you must take this beast for a spin .


IMG 20190115 WA0012

Rakshith Gowrishankar