Mahindra Mojo – the neversaydie motorcycle

Mahindra Mojo – the neversaydie motorcycle

November 14, 2020 0 By The Editor

The Mahindra Mojo entered the BS6 Club in July 2020. Before you know it, the Mahindra Mojo – the never say die motorcycle as we would like to call it is making waves. Some waves that washed ashore and some tidal in nature. Unlike its now close cousin, the Jawa family or “the forever bike” the Mojo refuses to bite the dust. With the current offering the brand is carving spot for itself on the map.

Around its debut, the Mahindra Mojo BS6 was spotted testing. With more information surfacing, the motorcycle began to make its digital footprint. The automotive media and enthusiasts too shared their reaction and expectations from the BS6 Avataar.

Interestingly enough the Mahindra Mojo seems to have a larger fan following given the number of vehicles lining up at key dealerships. Contrary to popular belief the average age of a Mahindra Mojo gets younger this year and the number of “settled individuals” is on a rise.

sneha kulkarni mojo

In less than five years the motorcycle has members that:

  • Belong to the two lakh kilometers
  • The Mavericks – those who have done record rides
  • Raid de Himalaya top 10/20 in respective classes
  • Shortest rider – 5ft something
  • Youngest rider, a just legal to ride license bearer
  • And speaking of which, wheelie manic (and till now most of us assumed it’s for the MATURED BOYS only)
  • The staff and some dealers who own them use them for official transportation over other comforts like car and flight for long distance travel
  • The likes of Middle weight and liter class not limited to adventure and other classes, this is a an addition to their parking space too
  • It is learned that a few ladies own this gentle giant too

Certainly enumerating more on this will leave you with the impression that this is a PAID PRESENTATION. Well how do you put a price on what is already available in all tangible or accountable forms of data that can be plotted or analyzed. Nevertheless, we are highlighting what is otherwise lost in mist of motoring history.

What could be causing this Mojo Rising?

  • The well received engine keeps getting better every time
  • The rise in niche motorcyclists who don’t prefer form over function
  • The close knit community, better known as the Mojo Tribe
  • Faith in the product from the dealer principle point of view

This year the number of dealerships has grown from a handful to over a dozen. The Mahindra Mojo installs faith not just in new ventures. The older establishments have started to return to the community. Taking it a step further, as the nation unlocks itself this month Mahindra Mojo has two new markers in the last ten days alone.

Niggles anyone? A new child in the family will have its own sweet spot and teething problems. Nevertheless the child is nurtured, supported and loved unconditionally. The number of motorcycles irrespective of brand make or model may or may not have an issue. Some are too horrendous to mention and some funny enough to make a stone laugh. The golden key lies in Mitigation and approach to the resolution. Some manufacturers nip it in the bud and some learn along the way. What is important is keeping an eye for those red flags while window shopping.

Drawing experiences from its past, the brand has indeed come a long way. It may be too soon to draw inference to its relative that bears the moniker “the FOREVER MOTORCYCLE” Suffice to say that Mahindra Mojo with its indomitable spirit is the never say die motorcycle.

Heres wishing you all a Happy Diwali and More Journeys and More Joy to the all new MOJO!!