Pune Motorcycle Festival 2023 – A Breathtaking Rev Storm incoming

Pune Motorcycle Festival 2023 – A Breathtaking Rev Storm incoming

April 25, 2023 0 By The Editor


The Pune Motorcycle Festival 2023 debuts next month, on 6th May 2023. This event indeed is celebration of the art of motorcycling no doubt. More than motorcycles, it pays tribute to the pioneers who play a key role in moulding the motorcycling culture and still continue to inspire the generations of fellow motorcyclists.

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Yes, indeed there are many motofests held across the country. However, too much is never enough and here the organisers are bringing motorcyclists together to Rev and be one. The tallest and most magnanimous structures today stand because of its rock solid foundations. So also, in case of the cities motorcycling culture there are some individuals who have made a difference. At its core of festivity, the Pune motorcycle festival aims to show its gratitude to these individuals who are now part of the key pillars of the society.


Pune Motorcycle Festival 2023 – Highlights:

  • The festival will feature various brands showcasing their products and services, bridging the gap between riders and stores.
  • Also, the addition of the off-roading experience track is a highlight of this year’s festival, giving both novice and expert riders a chance to showcase their skills.
  • At the core of this excitement, the festival honors biking veterans who have been in the business for decades and showcases their accomplishments.
  • Pune Motorcycle Festival is a celebration of passionate biking veterans who want to share their love of motorcycles with fellow bikers and the upcoming generation.
  • All in all the goal is to foster a close-knit community of biking brothers and sisters.


Speaking to The Upshifters India team about the Pune Motorcycle Festival 2023, here is what they had to say:

Fareez Bhathena: Co-organiser & Director, Brand Partnerships

“As one of the Co-organizers, I am thrilled to bring you the Pune Motorcycle Festival 2023. Our goal is to reunite various motorcycle clubs in Pune and introduce new riders to this exciting world. This festival aims to create something unique and fresh for the city, as there hasn’t been an event like this in a long time.

Our hope is that this event will encourage more rides and clubs to come together and promote safe riding practices within and outside the city.”


Siddharth Srinivasan: Co-organiser & Director, Hospitality and Planning

” This is an exciting event that will bring together a diverse group of people who share the similar passion for motorcycles.As mentioned, the festival will feature a variety of  vendors, including service brands and original equipment manufacturers. Thereby giving attendees the  opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the products and services in the industry.

Adding to this mix a lot of classic motorcycles all in one place. Furthermore, This Festival also will be a benchmark in the Pune Motorcycling scene, as no other event quite like it will be around.”


Faisal Shaikh: Founder & Director, Event & Operations

” As an attendee at any given motorcycling event I have rarely come across the grandmasters in the Art of Motorcycling. Yes, we do get to meet the influencers and the greats. But then again, do we know wrote the book or the guidelines? In the grandeur awaits us all, I am privileged to share that some our cities grandmasters will grace the occasion the 6th of May. 

I’m also glad to share that there will be a specially designed dirt track for the adventure sport adrenaline junkies as well. Rest assured, the attendees will get a chance to see some amazing motorcycles in action. And of course, the mix of all generations – from legendary motorcycle mechanics to newbies will create a great learning environment for everyone involved.”


Pune Motorcycle Festival 2023 – Please find the details of the tickets as follows:

pmf 2023kit

pmf 2023kit


The Pune Motorcycle Festival 2023 – Group/ Bulk booking:

Also, for all riding groups, corporate, students etc. they have a special offers on both tickets. Here the Group Leaders & their team members have the flexibility to choose from both options for tickets, for example:

A riding group of total 25 members looking to buy 25 tickets:

  • 15 – without kit
  • 10 – with kit

You can connect with Faisal on whatsapp here:

Click on Faisal’s NAME in the line above to chat with him on WhatsApp.


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The Pune Motorcycle Festival 2023 – Some of the Motorcycling brands you can look forward to:



The Pune Motorcycle Festival 2023 – Indigenous culinary experts to keep your tastebuds grooving:

  • The Brew Cafe
  • Delhi Chaap
  • The Gourmet Men – Sliders, Pizza
  • Delhi Chaat & Ice Cream
  • Cafe with a Twist


Pune Motorcycle Festival 2023 – Venue

Vitthal Nagar, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra 412207
For directions to the venue click on the link below:
Timing – 11 am to 10 pm




Helmed by classic superbike enthusiast Faisal Shaikh, The Motorbike hub has been in business for over a year and a half now. Based in Wagholi at Kesnand Phata just 15 kilometers north west of the city centre they are home to the  adage “My Achievement”. Be it new or used, a scooter or motorcycle at the end of the day it is a life changing decision  and thus goes a long way. Thus owning a two wheeler is an achievement accomplished.

Seeing the business quotient in this part of the outskirts is the decision behind choosing the location. Also, the privilege to add value to the citizens of the area where the are very few options when it comes to purchase of quality pre-owned vehicles inspired Faisal to foray into this line of business.

Connect with the THE MOTORBIKE HUB here:



9 Kesnand Rd, next to HOTEL GREEN

Wagholi, Pune – 412207

Click here for directions: https://goo.gl/maps/3bhWY3wXZPDDAQXP7



Pune Motorcycle Festival 2023 Ticketing Partner – About 100kmph

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