Sampoorna Narmada Parikrama Ride

Sampoorna Narmada Parikrama Ride

March 5, 2020 0 By The Editor

Noted motorcyclist Rider Girl Vishaka is on her way to be the first solo Female Biker to complete the Sampoorna Narmada Parikrama Ride. Given the recent initiatives by individuals as NGOs across the country, it is no unknown fact that our rivers are in a sorry state. At regular intervals there are people from across the country who in their own way are taking action to better the situation. Be it clean up of the river banks or for that matter ridding the rivers of the plant infestation. Taking up the  is cause Vishaka aims to spread a Social Message “Save River Save Nation | Let’s NOT Pollute Our Rivers”.

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The Sampoorna Narmada Parikrama Ride will conclude on the eve of Women’s Day. Vishakha is a resident of Mumbai and as of 28th February 2020 she was at Indore. Ideally, the solo ride that began from Omkareshwar on 29th February 2020  takes her around the Narmada. Today she is on the final leg of the journey from Amarkantak to Omkareshwar. This 800 kilometre journey will be covered in the next two days. During her ride she will  spread social message to keep rivers clean. She also will be creating a motovlog of this solo ride for her YouTube channel audience. During her ride she is expected to cover around 4000+ KM within a span of eight days.  By doing so, as per schedule she is expected to conclude her journey at Omkareshwar on 7th March 2020.


Rider Start Date: 28th Feb 2020 (Mumbai)
Parikrama Start Date: 29th Feb 2020 (Omkareswar)

Route Plan:


Estimated Ride End Date: 7th March 2020 (Mumbai)
Proposed Parikrama End Date: 6th March 2020 (Omkareshwar)

Ride Theme: Save River Save Nation | Let’s NOT Pollute Our Rivers

About Rider Girl Vishakha

Rider Girl Vishakha is India’s first Female Motovlogger and social media influencer. She is a pioneer in the Youtube creators space in India. In the motovlogging space she has gone beyond societal stereotypes with her motorcycle journeys. She started riding at very early age and crossed many milestones on her motorcycles journeys. Currently her youtube channel Rider Girl Vishakha is one of the most searched Youtube channels amongst Indian motorcyclists. The channel currently boasts of a 3.76 lakhs subscriber base. She also holds the India Book of Records for the first Female Rider to ride an Island in Andaman & Nicobar. A motorcyclist with a never say die approach, Vishaka has won millions of hearts with her motorcycling endeavors.

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