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September 4, 2019 0 By The Editor

With the advent of the festival season and the bountiful monsoons this year’s many a reasons abound for outdoor enthusiasts. This is not limited to those from the automotive community. Taking on the season many a enthusiasts have engaged in various types of travel be it on a two wheeler or for that matter in the comforts of Thier very own cars. For the adrenaline junkies off-road expeditions and trails have kept the mudflaps running over time in overdrive.

Taking on a new venture Tapaswi Motor Sports will be hosting Pune’s first Tuner Meetup. This first of its kind venture will feature over 15 “tuned” motorcycles from various brands and riding styles. Keeping them company on asphalt or concrete will be over fifty tuner cars. Yes, you read it correctly 50 of them! At this point the registrations for this niche event are closed. What is known that this event is set to take place sometime on weekend after the Ganesh festival. The time and place will be disclosed sometime close to the actual event date in pure “Tokyo Drift” style. This event will feature some major teams including Shine Inc. and European Customs amongst others. The Tuner Meet-up is a by invitation only event for audiences attending this event.

For the debut event the list of partners are as follows:

  • – Hellraiser – clothing partner
  • – Fishing food truck – food partner
  • – Builder – venue partner
  • – crisis code – safety partner
  • – The Drive Hub – media partners
  • – Shine Inc – Official partner

This event has been conceptualized by Tapaswi Racing. Now in its third generation, Tapaswi Racing’s vision is to be a leading brand in the field of competitive racing including:

  • Rally
  • Motocross
  • Autocross
  • Drag Racing

While also carving a niche in India’s automotive event scenario by hosting marquee events all year round for all types of automotive enthusiasts of every possible genre.