Apache RTR 2004v – Akshata Patil

Apache RTR 2004v – Akshata Patil

September 27, 2018 1 By The Editor

Here is a first impression review of the TVS Apache RTR 2004v from “her point of view”


I am Akshata Patil from Belgaum a city in northern Karnataka and home to the famous Belgavi Kunda sweet. I am mechanical engineer by degree and a design engineer by profession employed in a private limited company in Pune.

My association with riding began when.. I would ask my male friends for their motorcycles to ride and most of them would refuse. I would feel bad and hence the thought of getting my own bike struck me. When I was in 2nd year of engineering I went to Sattodi falls with my friends, I was riding pillion amongst the group of friends. That time from the group all of the riders met with an accident. In that my close friend got injured and there were no one available to take his bike back to Belgaum. I just knew to ride bike but had never attempted long distance travel. I took my friends bike that day and rode almost 80 kilometers from Sattodi to Hubli. That was my first ever bike n from then I gained confidence and just my journey began.


My previous ride was a Honda Activa

My options were Yamaha Fz 25, Royal Enfield classic 350 and Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350

I chose my current bike because of its killer looks, agile handling and superb performance.

The number of kilometres clocked so far around 7000 kilometres, mostly covered on rides.  The best mileage I get is around 40 kmph and 134 kmph is the top speed I have done.

MG 6811 1

My most memorable ride was Pune to belgaum and back, which was also my first long distance solo ride. While going to belgaum I rode nonstop and stopped just to fuel up. I had to stop. Also, this was the time when  I did a top speed of 134 kmph. Here is a link to the video – https://youtu.be/hubDe_QBgHs

I would recommend/ Not recommend that girls/ ladies buy this bike because  the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V looks sexy no doubt. As compared to other 200cc motorcycles it is lightweight which makes it all the more easier for girls to handle comfortably. Be it through traffic, highways or ghats riding the motorcycle is always a breeze. Also, unlike most sport bikes you do not have to crouch over or lean too much which is uncomfortable for riding long distances.