Stiletto Shifter – Ashwini Pawar, She Feels the Power

Stiletto Shifter – Ashwini Pawar, She Feels the Power

October 11, 2017 0 By The Editor


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    Fashion – a word that has its derivatives dating back to the 12 or 13th century and with roots in the French and Latin vocabulary. The wheel on the other hand was invented and was used in transportation as 3300 BC (according to certain sources), it wasn’t until the 18th century that the wheel became an integral part of the automobile revolution. In the time that followed fashion trends of the respective era until date became an integral part of “motorcycling”. While both, the fashion industry and the two-wheeler manufacturing industry are not connected, from jeans to denims and everything else in between they still share a deep connection.


Taking a cue from this and inspiration from her experience we have Miss Ashwini Pawar, an actor and event management entrepreneur who was a finalist on the recently concluded Himalayan High season 3 connect fashion in a portrait to the Matte Yellow TVS Scooty Zest 110. Talking about her journey on her Instagram post she stated that, “My Look is inspired from the visuals I experienced in this wonderful trip; the shades of terrains, the Kijangs, the barren yet beautiful mountains…”. Adding on she said that it was a journey far more beautiful and unique than anything she had hoped for or imagined. Also, the Himalayas are one of the greatest gifts of nature signifying nature’s beauty and power.


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While the current trend is to actually have the vehicle in contention around while the individual flanks the machine, what is commendable here is the tones and textures perfectly blended in by Akshata Morye, the make-up artist who by her art form has personified the essence of a Matte Yellow Himalayan conqueror while adding in a reflection of the Matte Black scooterette that was Ashwini’s wingman on this conquest to and indeed has broken stereotypes that make-up cannot be inspired by a humble scooterette such as the TVS Scooty Zest 110cc.

Here are a few moments of the ride:

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“Love you babe..”


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Ready to Ride


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“Ek pose humara bhi banta hai…


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Yes! Finally I am here !!


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A machine is not just an extension of one’s self, it can also be your soulmate


Credits (To follow the crew on instagram click on on their names below):

Portrait Photo: Archana Chaudhari

Make-up: Akshata Morye

Model : Ashwini Pawar