Yamaha Ray Z – Riya Roy

Yamaha Ray Z – Riya Roy

May 4, 2018 2 By The Editor

I am Riya Roy from Neamatpur a small town near Asansol, in West Bengal, India. I am an engineering student of Techno India, Salt Lake in Kolkata, and girl who saves money not for a makeup kit nor for the fancy dress a girl my age would typically like to wear, I usually save my pennies for upgrading my scooters, bikes, the best in class Riding Apparels and to fly out of boundaries where there are no man no woman would say that, “you are a pretty girl you should polish your nails and try not to play with the guy things”. I like to stretch myself to level above a person’s perception. I like to research about the places which are challenging and tough to go, and then plan how to and why should I?

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My association with riding began when I was always a motorcycle enthusiast and I wonder why not the bikers and riders uses scooters as it is small and lot more light weight than those heavy engines, well I was a kid at that moment but soon I collected all the answers for those question and got a big “NO” for the gearless scooter riding, I always wanted to travel from place to place and see the culture and learn something new every day. And that was the time when my father gifted me my Yamaha ray z, it was a love from a father to her child and a power to conquer the dreams, I tried to connect to lot of groups but they refused because first of all I am a girl and secondly they denied to take a scooter girl with their crunchy big cc’s. Soon I met few people who were bigger dreamer than I was. And that is when I got the appropriate chance to live more, they where the people who did not see what I was riding, they just pushed me up to the touch my dreams; I learned to fall down and then rise again. And now I am my whole and soul group known as LONEWOLF aka OMEGA.

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My previous ride were/was and is my favourite Yamaha ray z 113cc gearless scooter white in colour bought back in year 2014. My gift. I have lots and many memories attached to it but I recently upgraded my scooter to Aprilia CR 150 a very powerful super star loaded with a giant 150cc engine.

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I chose my current bike because I always wanted a very light weight scooter because I have a very short height and the only problem I cannot balance big bike but in future I will take a Ducati scrambler as it is just made for me. Small in height a pocket rocket stops for no roads and best part is I have recently test rode it. And if I get a lottery and have a chance to buy a motorcycle I will sure go with a BMW GS 1200, this is a motorcycle that always come in front whenever I close my eyes to choose a motorcycle.

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The number of kilometres clocked so far is 50,000+ on my Yamaha ray z.

My most memorable ride as far will be The Ladakh trip. Where I plus one both where using same cc engines of 100+ one with gears and the other obviously my Yamaha ray z. It was my first longest trip it was a 7000 kms ride from Durgapur to Ladakh and then back in 14 days. My heartiest memories when I have to manage 15 days from my parents and my exam was on head. I got my learner when I took this risk to travel such a long journey that to on that puny scooter. The situation got more nasty when we heard that the public of Kashmir where throwing stone on the passer by’s and the only thing I had was hope to conquer that mighty Himalayas well I didn’t thought that it would be such tough on that small engine hence I completed the ride and got a proud feeling to be the second youngest girl to get on that height with my gearless scooters, I made many more new friends on route and that moment when we divided on our different path was the toughest one.

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I would recommend girls ladies buy Yamaha ray z because it’s a lightweight Japanese baby, well like everything else it too have pro and cons:

Pros –

  • Its light weight obviously.
  • it is a tough built scooter producing 113cc’s that is much better than its comparative rivals are.
  • It’s very low maintained scooter.
  • The small wheelbase of this scooter helps you riding it smoothly through the crowd.
  • The scooter has an excellent pickup and smooth engine noise does not make any noise until 85 kmph.
  • the telescopic shock absorbers, a rigid suspension which helps your scooter take much more control while you are on road or off road.
  • And last the looks it looks too sexy the aerodynamic design gives you a feeling of being different in crowd.

Now coming to the cons:

  • First of all the mileage, the super speedy engine gives you around 30 – 35kms to the litre as compared to its competition that would offer 40+ at thier worst.
  • high priced parts, Yamaha engine is something you can rely on, but whenever you have to change something you will have to pay some extra pennies.

I have gone through any possible terrains and I have completed 50,000 kms on it and never found any more problems.

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