TVS Apache RR 310 – First Ride Review “The Tour”

November 14, 2018 0 By The Editor

Taming a shark called “Diablo”


Almost a year ago TVS Motors launched its first super premium category motorcycle – TVS Apache RR 310. An ultimate track weapon to go up against the likes of orange, green and blue and any other color that the competition threw at it. Its sheer presence had the scribes in awe and praise. And those who had ridden this mean machine on track were left with bruised knee sliders. They went home with smiles that would make the brightest of DRLs look like a speck of light. All said and done, fast forward to the present – the TVS Apache RR 310 is building up its fan base as it goes.

Over this time the bike seemed to elude itself, every time I got closer to it. As if this Akula sensed the presence of a harpoon clad hunter. Nevertheless, I vowed to ride this fine machine when the time was right (no, there’s no right time!! it’s just RIDE TIME). The previous week concluded with #ridesunday and h with the ignition keys at a twist of the wrist. An all black stock condition TVS APACHE RR 310 black machine was the ride partner for the day. No demands for a polish job or even a wash were asked of to keep it raw and in its natural element. Can you imagine the movie JAWS without bits of the bite?

The City Ride

The Black RR 310 was all fuelled and ready to go, the destination being a locale some 120 kms from Mumbai. Fortunately for all good and bad reasons the traffic jams were sporadic and  without much ado. This gave ample opportunity to let the shark swim through the automotive seas until it hit the highway tide. The motorcycle managed to hit all notes (gears) without the need for shifting much during the Mumbai morning traffic and signals. It did, however give of vibes at times on the handlebar and foot pegs though.


The Highway Run

Hitting the highway was no arduous task for the RR 310. It managed to get through ever gear with ease. Being a demo motorcycle the harshness of the engine cannot be taken into account for. The bike however , in the hands of a single owner would be alot better sounding. The first question I asked this bike, “What can you do?”Coming from  tourer who enjoys cruising on similar sized machines albeit at a more upright stance. This question was as cheeky as it gets..

Taking every corner with the bias ply treads was a no brainer. Push that knee into the tank and the TVS Apache RR 310 turned! No need to adjust the toes too, no this was just coincidence. The motorcycle dived into corners without flinching. The TVS RR 310 was comfortable to ride down till Agra and I felt like riding upto lucknow for those lip smacking tunda kebabs and then returning. The seat no doubt had something in it and yes that if it could be bolted onto my other bikes I’d loved to take away.

The High Notes

  • The corners were taken at about 100+ given the existing traffic conditions.
  • The top speed stood at about 138 kmph, this took a good amount of nudging.
  • The seat was the best ever seat, enough to make me take it away
  • The TVS Apache RR 310 is flickable
  • Ergonomics – the most comfortable sports bike (can we make room for touring luggage)
  • Easy to ride in the city and it also manages to kick in to the last gear on city roads

The Niggles

  • The rear view mirrors needed a bit of tweaking before they were usable, otherwise provided a wide angle
  • Sedated throttle response on this motorcycle and needed persuasion past the 100 mark
  • The ABS light came on inadvertently at times

Should the competition worry?

Yes, the TVS Apache RR 310 offers:

  • Best in class wide angle rear view mirrors
  • Better ergonomics in terms of seat cushioning, seating posture, foot pegs and handling
  • Well balanced Saddle height and ground clearance. 
  • Highway friendly horn
  • Hazard lights, the only Indian manufactured sub 500cc bike to have this feature
  • The Michelins are the hottest sellers replace OEM tyres on motorcycles of all the automotive enthusiasts with corner cravings, the TVS Apache RR 310 comes as standard, need we say more?

All in all the TVS Apache RR 310 was a fun bike to ride. And should this package come in an avatar reminiscent to the BMW 310, it certainly will could have a market ready to switch loyalties



We would like to thank team HARE KRISHNA TVS, GOREGAON for the splendid opportunity to take this track machine out on the highway.