TVS Apache RR 310 REVIEW

April 29, 2020 0 By The Editor

It all started in 2016 when TVS showcased the award-winning design concept motorcycle called the AKULA 310. Fast Forward to 22 months and here we have the mind-boggling TVS Apache RR 310. This is the TVS’ only fully faired motorcycle. Indeed, this is some state of the art machine to look at. TVS developed this motorcycle’s engine in collaboration with BMW Motorrad.

TVS put their 35 years of racing heritage into this one machine. by far, this is the most advanced and stylish looking Apache out there. Well here friends, TVS has claimed that they have managed ticked all the right boxes, have they? Let’s find out;


Talking about the design language for this motorcycle TVS says it came from the SHARK hence the name AKULA(Russian). The RR310 might not be supersport but hell it behaves and feels like one.

This fully fared motorcycle has set a benchmark with its design and there enough bits and pieces to keep it a head-turner. The Twin Bi-LED Headlamps are bright enough to light up the road ahead in the dark. The design of the tail lamp is shaped like the teeth of the shark giving it a sharper look.

The Fins on the side is not only a design element it serves as a heat dissipation deflector that redirects the air out and away from the rider’s legs.


The chassis of this motorcycle is made up of two parts like a split trellis frame. This frame is Race-spec inspired to cut down weight and provide strong support in stressful cornering situations. The tail section rests on a bolt-on sub-frame, easier to maintain. Also, the red colour to the frame adds an appealing look to it.


Fuel capacity is on a smaller side for this one. The tank holds 11L of fuel, which means those fuel stops, are more frequent. With a claim of 30KM per litre you get about 330KMs of range, in theory, it’s good but as far as my personal opinion is concerned, this was something I thought should be at least 13L.


Powering this beast is a 312cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-valve engine that produces 34ps of power and 27Nm of torque at 9700rpm and 7700rpm respectively. It has cooling for the liquid that cools the engine so the engine runs on a much lower temperature.

What can this engine do, well it can surely take you to a top speed of 160 KM per hour on a straight and the high punchy torque do come in hand for those quick highway overtakes.


For the fact that TVS has not let down the 35 years of its racing heritage and boldly branding it all over the bike. This gives a tough time thinking about the comfort one should be having on this motorcycle. Well, you are in for a surprise.

Even if this thing looks aggressive the comfort it offers is at par. Mostly because of the 810mm lower seat height that gives confidence to taller riders to plant their foot firmly to the ground and shorter riders have enough foot on the ground to manage into tricky situations.

Talking about the pillion, it is a split seat setup and the pillion sits 325mm higher than the rider. This gives them a good view of the road but with no practical grab rails to hold on. One might not be comfortable at higher speeds.


Handling is what this motorcycle excels at, needless to say, TVS has not let anyone down and those 35 years, well it all shows how excellent this machine can handle any given corner. This unique engine design gives more space in the front; hence the swing arm can be pulled closer to the engine. It’s like killing 2 birds with one stone, a shorter wheelbase for that high agility and longer swingarm for high-speed stability.

To keep you rubber side down TVS slaps on the gripper Michelin Pilot Street sporting 110/70 R17 in the front and 150/60 R17 at the rear of which both are tubeless and provide great confidence when knee down.

With dual channel, ABS mated to a 300mm Petal disc at the front and 240mm Petal disc at the rear gives phenomenal braking power and ABS means you can get out of those panic situations with ease.

The TVS Apache RR 310 MY2018 comes at a PRICE Rs. 2.40L (ex-showroom pan India)


Just like any coin has 2 sides this one also comes with its downsides, problems that I faced are listed below:

1. Vibrating footpeg at 6k; something most people won’t mind
2. Vibrating handlebars; nothing that TVS can’t fix with a pair of heavier bar ends and ECU update
3. Right foot heel hits the silencer if you plan to go knee down into a right-hand corner
4. 170KG Net weight; something a task for new and short riders for that pull back from parking.
5. No Slipper and Assist clutch, maybe TVS is working on it for future upgrade.

TVS Apache RR 310 – Upgradability qoutient

If you are planning to get a motorcycle that can take you from Point A to Point B real quick, this one is no joke. Giving it all in TVS has created a machine that has set a benchmark which can really be tough to break. As far as my suggestion matters, one should pick this motorcycle if you are upgrading from a lower cc motorcycle like a YAMAHA R15, this can do wonders to your life.

But if this is going to be your first bike ever I would suggest one not to buy this as maintaining a 300+ cc motorcycle can be sometimes a pain. Also, that low capacity fuel tank means frequent fuel stops can annoy a new rider.

Overall, I will give this bike an 8/10 rating for the premium motorcycle that TVS has offered.

Well with little more iterations like a slipper clutch, a TFT screen (to modernize things), make it less vibrating machine by adding the necessary upgrades. I have a strong belief this can become a perfect bike for many of us.

Here’s a short video featuring the TVS Apache RR 310

Words and photos

Shubham Shekhar