Yamaha Ray Z Rally edition coming soon..

July 16, 2018 0 By The Editor

The Yamaha Ray Z indeed has evolved and has carved a niche for itself while bearing the “Ray” moniker. Keeping in with the times the Ray Z has been updated not just with fresh paint but has also been upshifts in other departments too. No we aren’t just talking about BADSHAH‘s music video to which the scooter has been synced with.


In the crowd of the urban landscape the Yamaha Ray Z is as omnipresent as nitrogen and it still manages to get the numbers on the board but nothing significant enough to outshine its competition. In keeping with the times there is no doubt that this little scooter from one of the world’s finest motorcycle manufacturer has any flaws that keeps it in the docks. Nevertheless it still is an eye catcher and not many in the industry exuberate the razor sharp attitude suffice to say just one…

Going to the eastern frontier, a land so fondly called the Scotland of the East, you would expect to see the Yamaha Ray Z here – a land that is one of the first states to get the RAY of light in India. Taking a trip to Shillong, one is greeted with a plethora of Yamaha Ray Z that would make a garden worth of roses wilted and dry up. It is not just a college goer’s go to vehicle but every other lane is blessed to have this scooter. This is not all, the Yamaha Ray Z makes for a nimble machine that goes the distance, in some cases to the likes of Dawki on a weekend. The scooter’s agility and lightfoot nature comes to light when a bunch of local ladies hit the twisties with the finesse of a Lavasa Regular (sans the knee drags) carrying it with the grace of a ballerina and poise of a track professional.


Giving it all it needs, as it turns out too much is never enough and the word on the street is that the Rally edition inspired by one of their superbikes is gearing to hit the streets soon. With the onset of monsoon and riding season one could expect scribes ditching the comfort of the pen and the luxury of their writing machines to catch a dose of the monsoons while bringing in the dirty, after all clean boots go nowhere.. Do they??

While we look forward to what’s new in the Yamaha Ray ZR Street Rally here is what the Yamaha Ray Z currently has on offer:




Photo credits: Iba Leontyne Mawkhw