2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 Spied – What’s the big fuss

2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 Spied – What’s the big fuss

September 20, 2018 2 By The Editor

2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 Spied ?  Here is our point of view

It is the last 10 day of September and we are in a season where with the sun and rain dance weather the only factor constant is the rise in fuel prices and if it breaches the ton the fuelling stations across the country will need to add another DIGIT. Being unfazed from this the launches scheduled by any given automotive manufacturer are in the pipeline with the scribe realm waiting in the wings to capture a glimpse of them. In the news the word of a “Bajaj Dominar Adventure” has kept the world on its foot pegs.

While the last story on this turned out to be an iteration of a talent and highly skilled after market body kit and accessories manufacturers, the new fish in town is too hard to believe is it? Keeping the data consumption rate high for the past 48 hours or so is the news of a 2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 spotted in Leh- Ladakh or so. After keeping a very close tab on the new here is our take on it.

new bajaj dominar 400 usd launch price ktm 4

It all boils down to “Five major updates”:

Up Side Down Suspension: Borrowed from the KTM family it is not much of a task to snap on these to the Dominar. The biggest giveaway here is the covers on the bolts of the suspension and the steering. THERE ARE NO COVERS. Also the paint scheme instead of a matte black is chrome.

new bajaj dominar 400 usd launch price ktm 3

Exhaust: The exhaust is probably a direct lift from a superbike probably from a Kawasaki Z family. Note that the area close to the underbelly is broader than usual.

new bajaj dominar 400 usd launch price ktm 1

Radiator: The radiator is pretty much a grey area and unless the assessment made by actually comparing a legacy model to this prototype and/ or measuring it, one cannot say for sure.

Front disk brake Setup: In pure form factor, the calliper mounting goes wherever it is positioned on the host – the in question the barrel of the USD, which is on the other side.

2019 Dominar Pics Spied USD 5

Colour Scheme: Here the rims are a big giveaway; they are not the golden but a matte black finish which is reminiscent to the 2016-17 Bajaj Dominar 400. Also, as mentioned the tank is not a complete red.

new bajaj dominar 400 usd launch price ktm 2


Here is the Easter Egg basket

  • The photos were shared directly with some of the online portals – the watermark of the respective publications indicated this. So about 10 odd photos have been handpicked and sent across to the respective publications.
  • There are two 2019 Bajaj Dominar 400s in one of the photos, not just one. It appears to be having additional baggage on its pillion seat so that the Bajaj Dominar in question could be snapped.
  • This second “2019 Bajaj Dominar 400” has the registration number KL 08 BM 4865, when you do a Google search Thrissur, Kerala RTO comes up. It is no rocket science the automotive enthusiasts in Kerala do engage in modifications and the fact that a number bearing the KL08 plate clearly talks about this.

KL Registration – Regional Transport Office (RTO) KL-08

Number KL-08

City Thrissur State Kerala

Phone +(91)-487-2360262

Email kl08@keralamvd.gov.in

Address Thrissur – 680001

2019 Dominar Pics Spied USD 4

SPOILER ALERT – In the recent past there was a word of a Major ride conducted in the Leh Ladakh region and we believe that these photos were clicked when these Bajaj Dominar 400s were on this ride. To conclude, usually every testing/R&D/ Prototype vehicle would bear the red and white number plate and NOT  white plate. If so then usually the number plate would be blurred or have a WHITE PATCH ON IT and not a standard number. For argument’s sake if the reports are to be believed why the manufacturer would have a KL plate instead or an MH, meaning Maharashtra…