2021 BS6 TVS APACHE RTR 200 review – Best in Class?

2021 BS6 TVS APACHE RTR 200 review – Best in Class?

May 25, 2021 0 By The Editor

2021 BS6 TVS APACHE RTR 200  – As per TVS Motor Company

The new TVS Apache RTR 200 4V motorcycle is engineered with three ride modes, namely Sport, Urban and Rain. This intelligent system will enable riders to shift between ride modes on the fly, using the ride mode switch on the handlebar.

  • The Urban Mode accounts for the engine power delivery tuned to deliver optimum power and control to tame the urban jungle, with the ABS optimized for a quick response.
  • The Rain Mode primes the ABS to deliver the maximum response with a strong lever pulsation feel. It triggers the ABS to come in early, for perfect response in wet road condition, keeping the rider in control of the vehicle.
  • The Sport Mode allows for maximum power and sharp acceleration to take on the track or the highway. The ABS is mapped for the least intervention and highest permissible slip percentage for faster lap times.


Suspension – 2021 BS6 TVS APACHE RTR 200

The motorcycle is equipped with first-in-segment adjustable suspension. The all new high-performance Showa front suspension comes with a preloaded adjustment that allows the rider to choose between a plush ride or track ride. however the new Showa rear suspension is tuned for an enhanced track performance.


2021 BS6 TVS APACHE RTR 200 – First in class in stock form ?

It comes with adjustable brakes and clutch levers with 3 step adjustment. Ergonomically designed, basis the phalange of the middle finger, and covers 5 to 95 percentile of riders.

2021 BS6 TVS APACHE RTR 200 – What else?

Additionally, the motorcycle has become lighter with one kg weight reduction. The refinements in the braking system have been made to deliver a sharper and improved brake performance.


The new TVS Apache RTR 200 4V motorcycle with dual-channel ABS is available in three colours:


Price –  ₹. 1,31,050 (ex-showroom Delhi). I paid around ₹ 1,55,500.


2021 BS6 TVS APACHE RTR 200 review Why I chose the RTR ?

I have bought the Suzuki Fiero back in 2000 up to 2014, when I sold it. I then had the TVS Apache 180 for two years too. The TVS Apache has always been my favorite motorcycle. I needed a commuter bike for everyday travel. Definitely did not want anything below 200cc for sure as am used to the power of a 400cc beast (my Dominar) and my Benelli (Currently owning  Benelli Trk 502).


Why minimum 200 cc?

So that I can tour on it once in a while, specially my solo tours to Palitana and Kutch in Gujarat, which I do at least once a year respectively.


“The Blue Mania”

2021 TVS APACHE RTR 200 4V – blue has been my favorite off late. Also, My 2017 Bajaj Dominar had hints of TVS Suzuki blue too. My 2019 Dominar with Autologue xplorer body kit also has been painted blue to keep up with that tradition. Thus, blue was one more reason for me to quickly pick the bike.

“And the day TVS announced the anniversary edition 2021 TVS APACHE RTR 200 4V with ride modes, I booked it with Century TVS, Wakdewadi”

With the current situation, it took quite some time for the bike to get delivered. Quite frankly, I was impatient all the time till I had it in my parking.


2021 TVS APACHE RTR 200 4V – Modifications.

1.Traction Kit – Installed the traction kit from Autologue Design. For better grip during long rides and negotiating the off-roads.

2. Windshield – mainly for looks and a little protection from windblast. (Current version is not final, I will make more changes in due course of time)

3. Top rack –  so that I can mount a top box. I need to carry my office laptop while am out too. And a top box is the best to protect it in all seasons and again temporary protection in stranded places too. The top rack is a Zana type 2 for Dominar 400. It has been custom mounted on my 2021 TVS APACHE RTR 200 4V. It’s not a straight fit.

4. Saddle stays – Since my top box is usually filled with my gadgets and laptop, I need additional luggage bags for other things. I don’t travel light. So I needed saddle stays to have a better and safe mount for my saddle bags. I picked up the carbon racing saddle stays from friend who had got them for his Dominar. He wasn’t using them. So I did a custom mount for these on the top rack.

5. Top box. For the above reasons.

2021 TVS APACHE RTR 200 4V – Modified

2021 TVS APACHE RTR 200 4V – Future accessories coming up on the bike

1. Broader windshield
2. Mobile holder cum charger
3. Fog lamps
4. Hand guards
5. Side stand sensor and engine cut off for safety
6. Better side stand.
7. Touring handle bar with handle bar risers

All the above are not in sequence. Will be done as and when I get a chance or spares.


Also, last but not the least I’d like to take this opportunity to appreciate the team at Century TVS, Wakdewadi for all the arrangements and making the purchase process a breeze. I thank you guys for your service.

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