Mahindra Mojo in a Hallucia state

Mahindra Mojo in a Hallucia state

May 26, 2021 0 By The Editor

Mahindra Mojo in a Hallucia state?

Usually we have seen in Indian movies legendary brands like Royal Enfield and Yamaha RX 100 dominate the  “motorcycle scene”. If it’s not Indian manufactured machines, its high end imported motorcycles. As per our understanding with the movie Hallucia,  this is the first outing that the Mahindra Mojo has had with the movies. This has caught our attention and we connected with the team Hallucia to bring you this story.

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The Mahindra Mojo (in a Hallucia state) motorcycle is integral to the film as it is inclined to a travel theme. The protagonist relies on the motorcycle as his only source of transportation at several points in the film. Also, it adds a layer to the protagonist’s character layer indicating his interest towards top class motorcycles and travelling.


Mahindra Mojo in a Hallucia state?

Speaking on why Mahindra Mojo, Sandeep Ramesh (producer and the director of the movie Hallucia) stated that –

“The adventure touring genre of Mahindra Mojo made it super classy and a perfect travel partner for the protagonist in our film. More than everything it’s aesthetic appeal on the frames is incredible. We had no second thoughts about Mahindra Mojo as we consider it as a modern day classic. Thus the Mahindra Mojo in a Hallucia state.. “

Hallucia Premiered on 25-May-2021 on their YouTube channel. This film belongs to a psychological-horror genre. It revolves around a young researcher and takes the audience through his mental and physical journeys. To watch the movie on YouTube Click HERE


To talk about the Black Mahindra Mojo 300ABS BS4 featured in Hallucia (Mahindra Mojo in a Hallucia state?)

The motorcycle is much like its predecessor the Mahindra Mojo UT 300. In terms of structure it has the same elements. Be it the 21 liter marquee fuel tank or the twin pod headlamp cluster. The Mahindra Mojo 300ABS BS4 unit is a stock motorcycle. Pirelli Angel CT tires in place of the MRF Zappers. This iteration gets a dual channel ABS stopper along with fuel injection. Thus, its adios to the fuel cork and hello to the fuel pump.


Additionally, as seen in the movie trailer, the Mahindra Mojo in a Hallucia state tourer look is completed with:

Mahindra Mojo in a Hallucia state

The 2019 Mahindra Mojo 300ABS BS4 features are as follows:

  • 4 Valve DOHC 295cc liquid cooled engine
  • Dual channel ABS system – to aid the 320mm (front) and 240mm (rear) petal brakes
  • Tyres – 110/70/R17 and 140/70/R17
  • Single sided Exhaust setup
  • Telescopic front forks with brace
  • Rear gas charged suspension
  • 21 liters fuel tank
  • Colours – Black & Blue


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About Fly High pictures:

Fly High pictures is a film production company owned by Sandeep Ramesh. They believe that art transcends above all the walls. They would like to boldly present out of the box concepts driven by passion and creativity. Their team intends to inspire the audience by churning their emotions with art.


“Mahindra Mojo in a Hallucia state”

Crew – Hallucia, Malayalam Mini Horror Movie:

  • Written & Directed By : Sandeep Ramesh
  • Produced By : Fly High Pictures, Krishna Kumari
  • Executive Producer : Sreehari Warrier
  • DOP : Rahul Anjumoorthy
  • Cuts and CGI : Chandu (Sandeep Ramesh)
  • Sound Design : Sidhardh Ramesh
  • Re-Recording Mixer : Premsanker S
  • Background Score Design : Toby Jose
  • Art : Geo James
  • Make Up : Visak Sasidharan
  • Production Controller : Sudheesh Raman
  • Costumes : Vineetha Sasidharan
  • Design : SR TecH DeZ




Contact: +91 8848139517


Hallucia 2


Image Credits: Fly High Pictures
Mahindra Mojo in a Hallucia state