2021 HONDA CBR 650R – Meet “VALKYRIE”, the best middleweight motorcycle yet?

2021 HONDA CBR 650R – Meet “VALKYRIE”, the best middleweight motorcycle yet?

September 6, 2022 3 By The Editor

I am…

Hello! I am Sara! Also known on Social Media as VALKYRIEBIKER . Professionally, I am an entrepreneur based out of Pune. I am the first Indian female to own a HONDA CBR 650R. My Bike has a Valkyrie Themed Wrap which is a limited edition ( Licensed to just one person in THE WORLD -ME! ). Currently, am a solo Rider and hence no official affiliations.

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My association with riding began when …

Ever since I was a child I wanted to do things my dad and brother did. If they would ride a bike i would want the same. My brother taught me how to ride a motorcycle as soon as he got his Royal Enfield. Ultimately resulting in extreme interest and passion towards bikes. Now I am a budding YouTuber.


My previous rides were



My options were  other than the HONDA CBR 650R

If I have to name two close contenders they would be:

  • The Ducati Scrambler 800 and
  • Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R

The Ducati Scrambler 800 is good for offroad and adventure touring. However buying it meant missing out on an inline engine based machine. So, in other words I would miss the sweet humming sound of an inline four. The Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R is a super sports class. This meant bye-bye to that comfort for long rides. Hence i decided to skipped that as well.

I thus decided to go for continue my adventures on an inline four engine which offers a magical sweet sounding note yet at the same time a practical motorcycle.Thi in particular being comfort for long rides yet an easy to tame machine. However, I have always had a soft corner for a HONDA motorcycle. Ultimately, the HONDA CBR 650R won the race to my Heart.


I chose the HONDA CBR 650R because

  1. Complete justice of providing me that 100% Superbike Feeling
  2. A Middleweight motorcycle in the SuperBike category – a factor which was very important for me.
  3. Also, It is a brilliant road bike and ideal for commuting within the city or even touring.
  4. This has probably the best in class saddle height for female motorcyclists – I am 5’4 i.e. 162.56 cm to be precise.
  5. Amazing inline-four motor resulting. Thereby lots of  vroom vroom – POWER.
  6. It is a balanced, stable, agile and engaging motorcycle.
  7. Last and not the least, the brakes – They are always up to the mark.


Also to add here, soon I am going to drop an amazing review video soon of HONDA CBR 650R. This from a female point of view on my YouTube channel. This will coincide with the an anniversary of my bike. Thus,  it makes for the bes time to do a review after one year of ownership.


My most memorable rides on the HONDA CBR 650R

I just completed a four thousand plus kilometers ride in August 2022.  This was a six STATES Ride on My HONDA CBR 650R travelling though:

  • Maharashtra
  • Karnataka
  • Pondicherry
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Kerala
  • Goa

Challenging myself with the speed, not compromising the extreme rains and landslides just to reach my destination at the other end of the map. A ride to remember and ride to learn from. A ride to challenge myself to do more next time, A ride that made myself Proud. Soon to make my Country Proud.



The number of kilometres clocked so far on the HONDA CBR 650R

Till now I have done 10,500 kms on my bike in the last one year. So that’s 10500 kms of good, happy, fun, exciting, heart warming and memorable rides in my life’s chapter so far.


I would recommend/ Not recommend that girls/ ladies buy HONDA CBR 650R because

I highly Recommend this HONDA CBR 650R aka beautiful Japanese Motorcycle that provides a comfortable middleweight bike that hits that perfect sweet spot of sport and utility. Ladies just gear up, hop on that seat and Ride! Trust me you will never regret it!

The world is beautiful and what would be the best traveling partner than an amazing beautiful Bike. Afterall, who wouldn’t want an inline four engine that cranks all 95 of its horsepower through an assist clutch?


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