Ajjas Safety Solutions launches 2 all-new plans for the festive season

Ajjas Safety Solutions launches 2 all-new plans for the festive season

September 5, 2022 0 By The Editor

Ajjas Safety Solutions 2 all-new plans for this festive season

This season leading safety GPS tracking services provider Ajjas Safety Solutions has launched 2 all new plans. These plans are aimed at providing emergency roadside assistance and also insurance coverage for its users.

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AJJAS GPS tracker by Ajjas Safety Solutions

The Ajjas GPS Device by Ajjas Safety Solutions  with Anti-Theft & Accident Alert Feature. It is an Internet Of Things based device with amazing fall alerts and theft detection features coupled with cutting edge GPS tracking and monitoring system, developed by leading technical brains of the country.  It is installed on your two-wheelers and comes with a smartphone app which can be used to interact with your device and vehicle, anytime. With Ajjas installed on your two-wheelers, you are always connected with your loved ones, even when you are riding solo!

Free Roadside Assistance covers:

 Coverage Radius – within city limits 

  1. Number of service annually – 2 
  2. Free Towing – Up To 10kms
  3. Covered Services –
  • Battery Jump Start 
  • Flat Tyre Assistance 
  • Locked/Lost Key
  • Fuel Delivery (On paid basis)
  • On-Site minor repairs
  • Assistance over phone
  • City route and map Guidance
  • Medical Coordination
  • Relay or urgent messages 


Insurance Coverage –

  • 5 Lakh Personal Accidental Insurance Cover in case of death –
  • Rider – 3 Lakh
  • Pillion – 2 Lakh 
  • Mediclaim of up to INR 50,000 in case of being admitted for more than 24 hours


Ajjas Safety Solutions Plans & Features

Ajjas Pro

  • Anti Theft: Call is initiated every time the engine is switched ON. (Can be changed to notification in App.)
  • Accident Alert (For 2Ws only): Ajjas device initiates a call to 3 emergency No’s when the 2-wheeler meets with an accident.
  • Stationary Fall Alert (For 2Ws only): When the 2 wheeler is parked and experiences a fall, it notifies you.
  • Motion Alert
  • Engine ON/OFF notification and inbuilt SIM. 
  • From day one to the last day we are protecting you. There is a dedicated after-sales support team.
  • IoT Hardware
  • Live Tracking 
  • Live Location Sharing 
  • Trip Cost
  • Share Rides per day – 1 
  • Cloud Backup 
  • Average Speed
  • Server Space – 30 days 
  • No. of App Logins – 2  
  • Hardware per app – 5
  • Hardware Warranty – 12 months 


Ajjas Pro Max

In addition to the features mentioned above, following are the additional features offered in Ajjas Pro Max –

  • No. of App Logins – 5 
  • Share Rides per day – Unlimited
  • Top Speed 
  • Geo-Fence Alert
  • Hardware Warranty – 24 months 
  • Personal Accidental Insurance 
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Speed Alerts 
  • Server Space – 90 days 
  • Hardware per App – 10 

Ajjas Safety plans

Ajjas Safety Solutions Plans & Pricing

Ajjas Pro Comes in 3 subscription options –

  • 3 months – Rs. 2099
  • 6 months – Rs. 2599
  • 12 months – Rs. 3499

Ajjas Pro Max comes with 12 months subscription only which costs Rs. 4499


Connect with Ajjas Safety Solutions on Social Media

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ajjasdotcom/

AJJAS on Instagram

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Ajjasdotcom

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/c/AjjasRideKonnected 

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Ajjasdotcom 

Visit the Ajjas Safety Solutions website https://ajjas.com/ 


Ajjas Sales:

Email – manish.arora@ajjas.com or contact@ajjas.com

Call or Whatsapp – +919826428400 / 8976817465

Ajjas Bulk purchase

manish.arora@ajjas.com or contact@ajjas.com

Call or Whatsapp – +919826428400

For any issues Call or Whatsapp- +917738358237

Working Hours – Monday to Saturday
09:30 AM to 06:30 PM

About Ajjas Safety Solutions

Typically Ajjas Safety Solutions is a 100% Made in India brand, we wanted a unique name which can connect with the brand’s purpose as well.

So, “Ajjas” is a Sanskrit word which means “Speed“.

We want people to be conscious of their riding speed, they should ride safe and stay safe from road accidents.

Ajjas Safety Solutions is a fast-growing IoT startup with a Bhopal office that’s developing breakthrough technology that connects all 2-wheeler riders to a single platform. Today, Ajjas Safety Solutions has 20,000+ users on this platform. By enabling real-time communication with your mobile phone, their SMART IoT Device transforms every two-wheeler into a SMART two-wheeler. Furthermore, Ajjas Safety Solutions is very happy to say that they have maintained 4.6+ rating on the Google play store with 10,000+ downloads.

For more on details please download & check their FREE app on:


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