December 19, 2017 0 By The Editor

India’s most awaited event of superbikes, ‘India Superbike Festival’ (ISF) was back to astound the audience in its seventh edition. A brainchild of Pune’s very own super biker Amol Talpade, ISF is the most awaited Superbike event held at the Amanora Mall, Open Ground premises, Pune.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Talpade talked about the safety concerns that come along with owning a superbike. He conveyed that, “ISF is the first ever Superbike event in India of bikes that are 600 CC and above. Based on the concept of congregating together the Superbike owners to display their passion and possession, the festival has transformed itself into a superbike gathering that oozes class. One should ride superbikes with proper care and safety as it can be extremely dangerous to the rider and those around him or her. It has become very easy for riders to buy superbikes with the aid of EMI bank facilities and all this can contribute to the thrill a person wishes to achieve. Along with the thrill aspect as he mentioned, one should also be acquainted with the safety gear and should incorporate the same while riding a superbike”. He concluded the safety talk with a humorous yet logical statement, “speed thrills but also kills.” 


The seventh edition of ISF saw India’s Superbike owners, Biking Groups and Clubs come together for this event. This year too had competitions like “Best Accessorized Motorcycle, King of Burnouts, Loudest Motorcycle in different categories such as 600 CC to 800 CC, 800 CC to 1000 CC and more than 1000cc. It indeed was a tough competition between all the contestants to win the titles this year. Since its inception in 2012, the event had been immensely popular among Superbike owners in India and over the years it has turned into a Mecca of sorts for petrol-heads.

The arena was mapped to accommodate the following zones for enthusiasts:

  • Expo
  • Superbike arena
  • Club arena
  • Vintage motorcycle display
  • Riding experience zone
  • Power performance zone
  • Burnout stage
  • Competition stage
  • Entertainment stage
  • Main stage
  • Food court

 India Superbike Festival is the country’s original superbike festival, with a focus on the lifestyle perspective of automobiles. Nothing appeals to the senses of a petrol-head like the smell of rubber and the sound of an engine revving hard. India Superbike Festival is one such opportunity for like-minded individuals to indulge in their passion for all things fast under one roof – Superbikes! With a view to captivate the senses of all automotive enthusiasts, ISF intended to offer the best there is in the exciting world of Superbikes. ISF made sure they offer its audience the best of the exciting world of automobiles. The festival also featured an interesting line-up of artists in the evening to allow the super bike owners and visitors to make merry of the time spent at the venue” said Amol.

India Superbike Festival is one such opportunity for like-minded individuals to indulge in their passion for all things fast under one roof, whether it is two wheels or four.  Speaking of which this year visitors were greeted by a GMC Denali HD. With a view of captivating the senses of the automotive enthusiast, ISF offered its audience the best that there is from the exciting world of automobiles. There was also an array of F&B and Food trucks for all visitors to curb their hunger pangs at the event. There were finger foods, Indian street food, Chinese, Burgers, Wraps, and a lot more!!