Bajaj Pulsar 220 – Chronicles of The Sundown Motographer

Bajaj Pulsar 220 – Chronicles of The Sundown Motographer

January 13, 2018 1 By The Editor


On the 28th of July 2015, when a Bajaj Pulsar 220 came into my life and I decided to travel around and explore places on this machine. It was the beginning of many crazy moments and when I met new people made new friends some who would soon turnout to be very close to me

This place locally known as Pargad is situated in a very remote place with very less human civilization around thus protecting it from littering and destroying the place, I had always known this place and was very excited to visit this place. I fired up the engine and started to ride towards Pargad. Little did I know that what Pargad had in store for me, horrible patches of roads for almost 30 kilometers? After cussing administration for such bad roads and bad rear suspension, I finally reached Pargad and had a sigh of relief! And there it was -a Breath-taking view of the magnificent Western Ghats. Spotting birds is not a hard task here as this is where the flora and fauna is very rich! Due to its sparse population don’t be astonished to find the great Indian Gaur roaming freely here.


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One of my most favorite places to visit as it is not far, at just 30 kms from my house and holds a breath-taking view, quite interestingly known as BOOTHNATH by the locals.

Situated near the Bhimgad wildlife sanctuary, an amazing evening getaway from the traffic to relax and just watch the sun go down the horizon is a experience untold. I visited this place for a calm sunset and yes I was blessed with one. As they say photographers move in when rest of the world moves out, watching calmly as the golden hour passed by was a pure blessing by nature but it never has such a peaceful ending for a photographer. I was running all around for a perfect shot because the light was disappearing and I was the only one on the entire hill at that time and yes that was amazing as i knew that another day has passed and I have got some good shots.

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                                I just can’t get enough of Western Ghats and their charm, this was clicked near Chorla Ghats and we had to off road into bushes to get this picture. Chorla Ghats is one of the best roads in India that leads to GOA. Most bikers love corners, don’t we? Chorla has also got a variety of flora and fauna and houses the famous falls of Sural which falls en-route is a real example of that how beautiful can mother-nature be! Finding the huge MALABAR PIED HORNBILL is not a big deal here, all you need is a pair of binoculars! A place where you just don’t want to go away from because of its vivid nature be it in the monsoons or winters visibility drops to almost zero due to fog.

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Hidkal dam is situated at 40kms from Belgavi, This dam is built on the river Malaprabha has one of the best paved roads and a cool atmosphere surrounded by villages this place is best for watching the sun set. Leaving the sunrays shining on the river there is an old abandoned fort on one hilltop where this pic was taken after struggling a lot with this bike to reach the top.

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So these were my few experiences of places that I visited that you might ask that how come your bike could do it all without a single bolt coming loose?

I won’t say that I did it with all the comfort, as I never wanted to own a 220 or even wanted to look at Bajaj. All I really wanted was a KTM RC200 and had to settle with a Bajaj Pulsar 220. While 200cc was too much power for my parents, after a week of debating, they finally agreed with 220 at least if not for a RC200, and I now had to buy a Bajaj. Weeks, months passed by once I started doing long rides; little did I know that I am falling for this bike, was I?

Except for the gears that slipped all the time, yet handles the curves gently unlike any other race sport motorcycles, but I was beginning to get acquainted. Because of its huge turning radius I considered it a truck; likewise it behaved so with all the rattling noise coming from the fairing thus preventing me from cruising at 100 kmph on highways. At times I’ve ridden the Bajaj Pulsar like I have stolen it giving it all – be it riding on bad patches of road at above 60 kmph or riding it in summer afternoons for almost 500 kms with as much as less as rest possible.

But as any parent would only buy the best quality items for their kids, so I too followed suit and began closing in and taking care of every nagging reason. The paradigm shift came when I switched the oil from Bajaj to Motul. The difference went in such a manner that when Bajaj oil was being used engine sounded like it was performing some sort of classical dancer wearing those jingle bells CHIN CHIN and when I switched to Motul it started to behave much like a dub step dancer smooth yet powerful, sans those jingles. With all niggles eliminated it felt like the engine was injected with fresh blood that too at 50,000 on the odometer. Even today the Bajaj Pulsar 220 is still as young as it gets. Buying a Bajaj is about you adapting to it. Bajaj is a special kid of the lot needs a lot of care but equally gives you that happiness which only a Bajaj owner can understand!

Signing off, I’m  Abhishek Naik from Belgavi, Karnataka. A fun loving person, a traveller and a budding cinematographer.

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