Benelli 600 GT Review – Inline 4 Symphony

January 15, 2020 Off By The Editor

Benelli 600 GT Review -Prologue:

I have always been curious to know how it is to live with an inline 4 & ride it for a long distance. I had a few scattered opportunities to ride one but mostly confined to a short distance or a test ride. This time I had an opportunity to borrow my fellow bikers Abhimanyu’s  Benelli 600GT for a few days. Also, I got some quality time to spend with it & then everything made sense, enough to do this Benelli 600 GT Review . The effortless & tractable engine of an inline 4 is something that cannot be replicated by any other accompanied by the beautiful symphony of the engine at different rpms is just music to the ears increasing the riding pleasure.

Benelli 600 GT Review – About Benelli 600 GT:


1.)    I liked the semi faired, intimidating & tall stance of the bike with a huge 27l fuel tank.

2.)    Seating posture is touring friendly and less taxing for long-distance. The seat can be modified further to make it comfortable.

3.)    The engine is butter smooth with a linear and predictable power delivery. It can be easily used to commute around the city & forgiving with erratic throttle inputs as well.

4.) This bike is docile and tame below 5k rpm & once you cross 5.5k, all hell breaks loose, and that thrust is similar to an aircraft before taking off the runway.

4.)    The 6-speed gearbox is a pleasure to operate with concise shifts.

5.)    This bike came fitted with Ixil exhaust & the exhaust note was pleasant to the ears.

6.)    Although 230kgs with a high center of gravity, the vehicle is easy to control/handle once on the move & will go precisely where you point it.

7.)    Engine heating is well contained, and I did not face any problems in heavy traffic conditions.

8.)    This bike comes with Pirelli Angel GT Tires, which has got a superb grip and inspires confidence, at least on the tarmac.

9.)    I missed having ABS on this bike, although the braking provides proper feedback.

10.) I liked the overall fit and finish of the bike & it feels built to last.

11.) The pillion seat is very spacious and comfortable as well.

Benelli 600 GT Review – Dislikes:

1.) This bike needs a better set of headlamps to do justice to its touring purpose. An auxiliary light will be just perfect for this.

2.) A gear indicator will help as many times I found myself upshifting from the top gear on the highways.

3.) The vehicle is reasonably heavy, and moving it around at slow speeds or in the parking can be a task & cannot be easily done by an average height & built individual.

4.) The horn is a joke & many times; I had to rev bomb to clear the way for me. (Which was fun). The horn stops working all of a sudden when riding or when you need it the most.

5.) Most of the power is at a higher range of the rev band & can only be accessible on an open road.

6.) Clutch is on the heavier side and can be a problem in the city.

7.) There is some amount of turbulence felt after 110kmph & keeps increasing further up the speed.

8.) I have observed sometimes that the bike refuses to start & can give some scary moments.

9.) Instrument Cluster could have been better & informative as the design feels outdated.