BLive Debuts in Pune – 1st ever Multi-brand EV Store offering best in class Experience

BLive Debuts in Pune – 1st ever Multi-brand EV Store offering best in class Experience

May 7, 2022 1 By The Editor

BLive Debuts in Pune – Inaugurated by Pune’s Mayor

BLive Debuts in Pune – Launches Pune’s 1st Multi-brand EV Experience Store in the vicinity of Swargate, one of Pune’s Road Transport hubs. The BLive EV Experience store launched in Pune in the presence of Mayor Murlidhar Mohol offers a wide range of products for personal mobility and businesses.

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BLive Debuts in Pune –  aims to promote sustainable mobility to all its customers by showcasing multiple brands of:

  • Electric two-wheelers – e2Ws
  • E-bikes – electric bicycles
  • Electric delivery vehicles

all designed and manufactured by Indian brands. The new store will also have an in-house quick service kiosk, battery swap facilities and EV charging infrastructure.


BLive Debuts in Pune – Vision ahead

BLive Debuts in Pune  because Pune is a dense market for two wheelers. BLive aims to assist residents and businesses to experience and know more about Electric Vehicles before they consider making the switch. They also plan to open 20+ multi-brand stores in the coming year.


BLive Debuts in Pune – Everything related to E2W under one roof housing key brands like:

  • Pune based brand – Kinetic Green
  •  BattRE
  • LML – Detel
  • Techo Electra
  • Gemopai
  • E-Motorad
  • Hero Lectro and others


BLive Debuts in Puneadditionally here is what  “In Store” :

  • Charging solutions
  • Expert guidance on selecting the right EVs
  • and post sales service packages


The store has a range of EVs for Businesses like delivery vehicles for e-commerce companies, food delivery vehicles and more. Also, BLive Experience Stores brings together an online and physical experience to help consumers experience EVs and understand EVs before purchase.


BLive Debuts in Pune – Leadership Speak

Sharing his thoughts on the launch of the store, Samarth Kholkar, Co-Founder, BLive, said,

“With the launch of the multibrand EV retail concept, BLive is accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles.  We want to create awareness, drive accessibility and affordability of EVs to enable consumers to switch to electric. BLive is connecting the Indian customers with multiple brands on the BLIve platform by setting up a one-stop shop for all consumer needs. The BLive Experience Stores, which will soon be live across 100+ locations in India, will help consumer experience and buy their choice of EVs.”


BLive Debuts in Pune – “Clean Tech with a Rich in store experience”

By setting-up this store in Shukrawar Peth, Pune, BLive is trying to bring Clean Tech closer to customers, thus joining the global vision of bringing down the carbon emissions to zero. The store does not only give the customers a hands-on EV experience but also offers a variety of brands and designs of vehicles to choose from as per their convenience. The store also provides an extensive after-sales EV care experience, including roadside assistance, easy finance options, comprehensive service packages and e-mobility spares parts.


Emphasizing on BLive’s plans for the future, Sandeep MukherjeeCo-FounderBLive said, 

At BLive, we see businesses shifting to EVs at a great pace. We encourage business owners to adopt electric vehicles and give a boost to their profitability which is suffering due to high fuel costs. BLive has a host of innovative EV products and services which are suitable for all delivery and logistics needs- customised vehicles, easy finance options, lease models, tech backend. BLive is pushing boundaries to create an affordable & sustainable ecosystem for sustainable mobility in India.”

blive ev store pune

Commenting on the partnership, Abhishek Tilgulkar, Tilgulkar Industries Pvt Ltd, Store Partner for BLive said,

In today’s age where global warming and climate change is a reality and is harming nature, we believe not only is Electric vehicles the future it’s also a necessity. By partnering with Blive, we aim to be the complete electric two-wheeler pitstop where the people of Pune can buy an electric two-wheeler that fits their needs, style and budget.


BLive Debuts in Pune – Expansion plans

The fast-paced digital-first start up is focused on launching EV Experience stores. Thereafter it aims driving deeper penetration in tier-2 and tier-3 cities where customers struggle with lack of knowledge and options for clean mobility. BLive also looks forward to associating with more partners via a franchise model to promote the message of sustainable mobility through accelerated EV adoption.


About BLive:

The journey began in 2018 when two old friends, Samarth and Sandeep, connected over a common cause. Inspired by a dream to make electric vehicles accessible to all, they created BLive – India’s first experiential tourism on e-bikes

Within a year of its inception, BLive grew in presence and popularity across India. For the first time, thousands of people got a chance to touch, feel and ride an e-bike. The e-bike tours was a hit among travellers and proved to be an effective way to demonstrate the e-bikes. The customers often asked if they could buy the e-bikes for personal use. They soon realised that BLive was more than just e-bike tours, they were offering a hands-on experience for the customers and guiding them like ‘experts’ in choosing the right e-bike.

The onset of Covid -19 fueled the desire for a personal and affordable two-wheeler option and the team got cracking. The lockdown turned out to be boon for them as they worked tirelessly to bring the BLive EV Store to life, and fast. Leveraging on their experience of EVs, partnerships with EV brands and a highly motivated team, BLive launched India’s first online EV store. The EV Store made it easy and fun for anyone to choose the right EV. Against all odds their dream of making EVs accessible to all was finally coming true!


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