DL100 – A 100 % about getting dirty with a motorcycle!

DL100 – A 100 % about getting dirty with a motorcycle!

May 14, 2022 0 By The Editor

A 100 percent about getting dirty with a motorcycle!

The Dirtlogue100 dirt track (DL100 as it is fondly called) is spread over 33,000 sq feet with a 100M special leg obstacle course created to test riders skills on DIRT!  Dirtlogue100 is a concept created by Autologue Design and 100KMPH to tap into the growing interest of enthusiasts in trail riding and off-road skill gain. Dirtlogue100 aims at creating a course that tests and trains riders to tackle all situations that they could face while trail riding. Aiming to make it the ULTIMATE trail test!

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The Trainers:

Yash Mohan Pawar

From what is known about Yash Mohan Pawar, he indeed is a prodigy. A lad from a humble beginnings one day shared the podium with Bollywood actor Boman Irani. One of the very few actors who, himself shares a connection with the sport – motocross. That day when Yash got one of his earliest trophies, is when the trophy haul began and there has been no looking back. A few broken bones and a cache of trophies later Yash, now a national level motocross athlete is the youngest trainer.


Hrishikesh Mandke

Going by the nickname Madmandke, Hrishi started his journey on two wheels with the first pedal and ever since there has been no looking back. His poise on a motorcycle is enough even for a glacier to break a sweat. Today, “Hrishi Bhau” as he is fondly called by peers and those who idolize him is one of India’s most sought after stunt professionals. He brings in over 10 years in the industry as a precision professional, riding & driving for not just for TV Commercials but also has been part of some of Bollywood’s biggest blockbuster projects too.


Suraj Giri

An automotive enthusiast affiliated to one of India’s oldest motorcycling communities based out of Pune, Suraj is not stranger to dirt. Be it building or capturing them in his camera lens, motorcycles can’t get far. Incidentally, he is also our chief track designer for Dirtlogue 100. Having said that Enduro/Hard enduro and Off-roading are no further than the next hill slope away for him. After a hard day thrilling ride a barbeque and a few beers is a good way to unwind for Suraj.


Do u have separate sessions for ladies & children at DL100 ?

As of now, we’ve not planned a any separate sessions for ladies and children. However, are looking forward to this in the future.


Beyond the subscription what are the minimum/maximum number of training sessions at DL100 

  • The current format is has 4 training sessions over a weekend. 2 sessions on Saturday and 2 sessions on Sunday
  • Going forward, given the demand can conduct training sessions on a daily basis too.


Do you provide workshop/certification of participation type training (in case its not a rigorous level)

No, there is no certification provided for the training sessions,


Is there a strict dress code in place for attending sessions at DL100

DL100 is a serious obstacle course, thus for first timers falling of the motorcycle is a high possibility. The obstacles include real world elements like gravel, rocks and elevations. Thus, it is imperative that proper riding gear is in place. Helmet, Riding gloves, Riding jacket and boots are compulsory. We also emphasize that the participants wear riding pants, knee guards or any other similar protective gear available. After all, the rider’s safety is the no.1 priority for the DL100 team


Can a group booking be done, if so min & max participants

 definitely! Group bookings are always welcome. When one rides in a pack it not only give a sense of security, it also helps build interpersonal relationships. Also, it gives trainer a wider platform to facilitate the session and everyone is on the same page.


The track designer – Details about the obstacles & about the DL100 track team

  • Suraj Giri is  the designer behind the track design for DL100
  • Mukul (Autologue Founder) and the Autologue team has a major role to play in deciding the obstacles


Stock Compatible vehicles – can factory stock vehicles negotiate both levels

  • DL100 has two courses – Novice and Expert
  • There are 6 obstacles in novice course that can be done by almost any motorcycle that is made in India
  • However for the expert course, a preferred motorcycle is the Hero Xpluse, Impulse or any other similar motorcycle.


Do you provide vehicles on rent if participants bike is not suitable?

Yes, we do have 2 Hero Impulse motorcycles available for rent


During training sessions is there a technician to attend to 1st aid repair of bike in case of fall/ mechanical failure.

Yes, we always have a technician available on site to fix any minor issues that may crop up. The best part is since Autologue HQ is 10 feet away quick fixes is possible.


First aid, does one carry or is it available onsite

Yes, we have First Aid available on site. In case of an injury beyond first aid we have the Ambulance on speed dial from the nearest hospital available.


Any past, present & future events that you’d like to mention 

Yes, we do have an eventful calendar with loads of events coming up this year. Do stay tuned to the Dirtlogue social media for more.


DL100 Headquarters:

Plot 197, Kirti Nagar – 3

(Off Hinjewadi – Marunje)

Near Xrbia Complex


P.O. Punawale

Pune, Maharashtra 411057,



DL100 – Dirt track open on:

Monday – Friday: 09.00 – 18.00

Saturday: 08.00 – 17.00

Sunday: 08.00 – 17.00






DL 100 Creators

Autologue Design

stands for innovative products & solutions driven by automotive dialogues. It was launched in 2013 by Mukul Nanda, a Transport Designer, and Cricketer Yuvraj Singh, with an objective to inspire passionate bikers like themselves to break free from the boundaries of what is offered to everyone and instead transform it into their exclusive possession.



100kmph is a lifestyle brand for the speed-loving community around the world. Proudly made in INDIA 100kmph describes Speed, a Feeling that nothing in this world could overcome when you are riding your beloved motorcycle or driving your car.



Castrol Power1 Ultimate – Title Sponsor for 2021-22


Supported by

  • REBEL X SPORTS Worlds largest rally kit manufacturer
  • RADICAL RACING- Leading German brand specializing in 125cc motorcycle parts
  • DYNATECH Leading metal & rubber specialists
  • SBK WORLD Leading premium bike store
  • SKULL RIDER Spanish lifestyle brand
  • MOTOVERSE Leading Auto parts store


What Else?

DIRTLOGUE100 and GDIOT to setup INDIA’s 1st RC Café in Pune


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