Detailing Devils now in Mumbai!

Detailing Devils now in Mumbai!

February 13, 2019 0 By The Editor

This weekend Singapore based firm Detailing Devils opens its ramp to everything automotive! Igniting the ceremonies will be Delhi based vlogger Jasminder Singh of JS Films with an inaugural breakfast ride from Goregaon to Bandra and back. Followed by the formal launch ceremonies, there will be an interactive session with JAYSN and the attendees. Detailing Devils will also showcase their prowess with live product demonstrations for the audience. In addition to this they will also showcase the recently popular Lumilor product which has been making waves with its demo videos on social media. Lumilor through detailing Devils now is closer to the automotive fraternities based in and around Mumbai.

The ride event is open to all superbike motorcyclists from Mumbai and Pune. Those from there cities are welcome to join the ride too. For details of the ride and launch event please find the details as below.



Assembly & Tea/Coffee : 8 AM
Ride : 8:30 AM
Starting from DD Studio at Goregaon to Bandra Reclamation and back
Cake cutting & Product Demo : 9:30 to 11 am
Breakfast for riders: 11 AM
Meet & Greet with JAYSN : 12 noon onwards

Detailing Devils Mumbai
Lumilor Mumbai

G-1, Garnet Palladium,
Behind Express Zone,
Western Express Highway,
Goregaon East,
MUMBAI – 400063


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We, Detailing Devils, are a Singapore based Vehicle Protection and Patented Nano Technology, ceramic coating company. Our well-acclaimed 5-step process targets surface anomalies such as swirl marks, scratches, haze coat, etc. The ceramic coating protects the car from any paint surface damage or loss of paint luminosity due to sunlight. Hence our technology can be used to rejuvenate old cars or protect new cars against future damage.



  1. Car wash (exterior including engine exterior)
  2. Car shampoo (exterior)
  3. Detailing (cleaning and de-greasing all nooks, crannies, logos and chrome parts)
  4. Skin Restoration System
  5. Elimination of swirl marks, minor scratches, haze coat etc
  6. Paint sealant
  7. Polishing
  8. 9H Diamond Nano Armour Ceramic coating (exterior)

Peripheral Services:

  1. Crystal Vision windshield coating
  2. Alloy wheels and tyre cleaning and coating
  3. Interior trim cleaning and coating
  4. Nano Armour coating for leather, rexine and fabric seats.


We also represent Lumilor, a US based company that has patented its unique paint in 55 countries.

ABOUT LUMILOR – We paint with light!


Lumilor is the world’s first and only patented electroluminescent paint. The paint lights up when a current is passed through it. It produces a coloured light that is visible at long distances and shines through various atmospheric conditions such as fog, snow and smoke. The product allows to design with light in ways previously impossible.


While mainly used for custom-paint jobs in the automobile industry, Lumilor’s versatility enables its application on all kinds of surfaces such as plastic, glass, fibre glass, metal, cement coated, ceramic, wood, etc.; flat or curved. Its water resistant and use-safe technology makes its applications possible for outdoor as well as indoor usage and can be designed for continuous as well as blinking/dancing or programmed sequence.


Lumilor has emerged as a more sustainable, attractive and elegant substitute for LED focused solutions