Royal Enfield Himalayan 822 – The only Unparalleled Parallel

Royal Enfield Himalayan 822 – The only Unparalleled Parallel

January 5, 2023 0 By The Editor

Himalayan 822 – Prologue

Royal Enfield Himalayan 822 – sounds magical doesn’t it? just double of what two himalayans would add up to. Well, here is where it gets interesting. A motorcycle that has set many a WhatsApp and every other social networking forum on fire – the Parallel Twin Himalayan 822. The complexity of this build lies in its simplicity of its design.

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Here’s why – at the drawing board the options were as follows:
  • Traditional custom scrambler
  • Cafe racer or
  • Naked street
    But they wanted to keep the motorcycle as close as possible to its name – Himalayan. Thus, the decision to build a bigger adventure tourer to keep the true blue bloodline intact.

A custom adventure tourer is always tricky, even for the big names in the industry. In this case they had never built a bigger motorcycle and definitely not a custom tourer. Additionally, any traditional metal work is not going to do justice for acustom adventure tourer. They connected with team Autologue Design for assistance with the design and aesthetics. And thus a joint collaboration for project was inked.

The Custom Royal Enfield Himalayan 822 – Engine build

The himalayan 822 is not built using two Himalayan engines by simply joining them together. Technically, it’s not possible to combine 2 four stroke engines to create a whole new engine.


The Himalayan 822 is a simple traditional twin cylinder engine built using 2 Cylinder block set up:
  • 2 heads
  • 2 crank
  • 1 crankcase from Royal Enfield Himalayan
  • A custom engineered crankcase
  • Reinforced chassis
  • Custom made T- section (front suspension)
  • Larger oil cooler sourced from the 650cc twins
  • and many small custom built parts to accommodate and run twin cylinder engine

And the result is definitely not sounding 2 Himalayan engines, however is unique to itself with the power figures


Following are power figures as per the Dyno test done for Himalayan 822 @racedynamicsindia:

(Source –

  • Max Torque – 53 nm
  • Max Power – 48.5 PS @ 6500 rpm
  • Top Speed – 160+ kmph


The Custom Royal Enfield Himalayan 822 – “The Fine print”

  • Twin Carburetors
  • BMC air filters – one for each intake
  • Twin front discs
  • Custom front sprocket for better mid range in 3rd & 4th gear
  • PoweRage Exhaust system
  • Front Tyre – Shinko E804 Adventure Trail Front Tire (90/90-21 Reflector)
  • Rear Tyre – SHINKO ADVENTURE TRAIL E805 150/70 B17
  • Aftermarket knuckle guards
  • Single piece wider seat
  • Husqvarna 250 Sourced Headlight



The Custom Royal Enfield Himalayan 822 – “Autologue Essence “

  • Dark smoke Visor
  • Front fender
  • Tank Cover
  • Side Panels
  • Tank Grips/ Traction Kit
  • Side panels custom built to fit the all-new widened chassis
  • Custom built base for the al-new one piece seat



Himalayan 822 – The Bling factor – Accessories:

An adventure tourer concept without touring accessories is like tea without “Chai ki patti”. So yes indeed, the 822 has its list of accessories too! Sourced from their very own cache of standard accessories for the Himalayan:

  • Himalayan Crash/Leg Guard
  • Brake Cylinder Guard
  • All metal Bash Plate
  • Aux Light Clamp
  • Himalayan Radiator Guard
  • Saddle Stay with Top Rack
  • 42 Litre top box
  • 36 litre (each side) Panniers


Himalayan 822 – The How:

“The Fusion”

Auto Engina hasn’t used an existing Royal Enfield engine like the 650cc. Fusing a twin-cylinder from The 650 Twins and boring them cumulatively easy. Instead, they took two BS3 Himalayan 411cc cylinder heads and fused them into one single set up. It then reworked the internals to make it a parallel twin motor.

“Crank it”

Hence, the two pistons have been mounted to a custom-built crankshaft and the stroke cycle is set to a 180-degree firing order. Even the valves over each cylinder head have had to be redesigned and therefore operate on a custom built camshaft. It still retains a five-speed gearbox though.

“BS 3 Returns”

Big engine means increase in thermal outputs, hence, the Himalayan 822 has been given the larger oil cooler borrowed straight from the Royal Enfield 650cc twins. Furthermore, as both engines are from the BS3 era, the fueling is still carbureted (twin stock carbs). The Engine build is followed with fitting  it inside the frame. After all, with the newly added weight and form factor there would need more room. Add to this, more reinforcements to ensure that the motorcycle is able to take on the forces of nature.

“Just 90?”

All in all the entire process from sourcing to prototyping and finally firing up the engine took them 1.5 months. In the meanwhile Autologue design started working on the renders to get the design of the new yet “stock looking” motorcycle in place.



Royal Enfield Himalayan 822 – Showcased at the India Bike Week 2022

Video Credits: DNA VLOGS

Click  (▶️) below to watch the complete Video Walk Around


About Auto Engina:

They are builders of motorcycle art and they express through power and performance. Over the past seven years, their pursuit for greater design and performance engineering has pushed them to create boundlessly. They are creating better stories through every two-wheeled design that rolls out of their theatre in the motoring world. From custom engines to radicalized designs, customization is their JAM!

Connect with Auto Engina here:

Call them on +9185520 06005

Reach out to them on WhatsApp Here

Dhayari, Pune, Maharashtra 411041

About Autologue Design

Autologue Design was launched in 2013 with a purpose to provide options and solutions to automotive enthusiasts, derived from automotive conversations. Autologue Design is joint venture by Mukul Nanda, a Post Graduate from DYPDC, and Indian Cricketer Yuvraj Singh in 2013 with an objective to cater to the Indian Automotive Enthusiasts like themselves.

“Our aim is to bring Indian automotive designing at par with global standards. We are constantly updating ourselves with current trends in international designs. Thereby making sure that the modern Indian enthusiast  gets what he or she aspires for and deserves. To make sure that our end products meet quality standards, most of the detailing & manufacturing processes are kept in-house to ensure that our products are truly top-notch.”

To connect with Autologue Design click here

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