KTM RC 200 first track impressions at KTM NEST XP – the Best RC yet?

KTM RC 200 first track impressions at KTM NEST XP – the Best RC yet?

October 28, 2021 1 By The Editor

KTM RC 200 Gen-2 – the Best KTM RC yet?

The KTM RC 200 and range-topping KTM RC 390 have been the choice of weapon for “time attacks”. There is no debate to why they do not align with KTM’s READY TO RACE philosophy. Ever since its launch, KTM range has brought a new fight to the table. The KTM RC 200 Gen-2 claims to blend in racetrack DNA for the street.

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This weekend we got an invitation to try out some of the best of breeds from the KTM India Stable. At the 650m Go-track – Pune Kartdrome amongst others, we rode the KTM RC 200. It not is a only a new motorcycle, it feels anew!

Now simply means on a weekend daddy dearest can steal his kid’s “candy” and be back in a blaze.

Well, this statement seems rather outlandish, doesn’t it? Lets figure out what makes this track monster a rather street friendly motorcycle.


KTM RC 200 – As per the manufacturer a range of notable new features include:

  • All-New adjustable handlebars
  • New LCD dash instrument cluster
  • Increased fuel tank volume from 9.5 liters to 13.7 liters
  • New LED headlight on the KTM RC 200
  • Now a Larger airbox
  • All-new stiffer, lighter split-steel trellis frame
  • New SUPERMOTO ABS on the KTM RC 200
  • Sharper tail-light design
  • New lighter, high-strength wheels
  • A lighter 320mm front brake disc & 230mm rear brake disc
  • Curved radiator
  • Stiffer hollow front axle
  • Wind screen with unique laser texture
  • Integrated front position lamp with front blinkers
  • Aluminum cast and split pillion grab

The India version of the KTM RC 200 Gen-2 retains all the above features as in the international version. Also, it comes in with an additional upgrade of all-new full LED headlamp unit.


KTM RC 200 – Lets take a closer look at some of the notable new features included in this new package:

  • All-New adjustable handlebars – With upto 1.4cm at hand this allows for a spanner to make it road or track friendly
  • New LCD dash instrument cluster – Sharing it with the KTM adventure 250 this adds more functionality
  • Increased fuel tank volume from 9.5 liters to 13.7 liters – Extended range lesser fuel stops on ling rides
  • New LED headlight on the KTM RC 200 – lesser power consumed with more throw is a safe assumption to make
  • Now a Larger airbox – more breathing space
  • All-new stiffer, lighter split-steel trellis frame – faster and more agile when it needs to be
  • New SUPERMOTO ABS on the KTM RC 200 – for those slide times
  • New lighter, high-strength wheels – more weight and still as much power
  • A lighter 320mm front brake disc & 230mm rear brake disc – added bite to the wheels.
  • Curved radiator – Heat & KTMs have been a closely knit. Now its time to let the air force in
  • Wind screen with unique laser texture – The larger bubble screen aids with the aerodynamics in bone stock form
  • Integrated front position lamp with front blinkers – We believe this reduces the cost of RVMs & adds to the overall design
  • Aluminum cast and split pillion grab – This is indeed a masterstroke to make the motorcycle a hit the pillion riders

ktm rc 200 front

KTM RC 200 – Design language

Boasting race-inspired lines and two new colorways which clearly define the sporty character of the KTM RC 200 Gen-2. This redesign has been purposely undertaken to optimize the aerodynamic properties due to higher top speeds. This has been achieved thanks to a computational fluid dynamics design process, which has reshaped the RC for both style and real-world function.

The KTM RC Range Gen-2 features an all-new chassis – a steel trellis frame with bolt on subframe, lightweight wheels & brakes. With fully adjustable handlebar risers, the KTM RC Range combines track day ergonomics and everyday usability into a refined racing machine.


KTM RC 200 – a suite of premium parts such as:

  • WP APEX big piston fork in the front and a new WP APEX shock absorber in the rear
  • all-new LCD dash display
  • LED headlamps in the KTM RC 200
  • New ABS with Supermoto mode makes it class leading against other Super sport machines in India.
  • All-new larger 13.7-liter fuel tank provides best in class fuel capacity. Meaning you can go further, faster for longer.


KTM RC 200 – Hardware

KTM RC 200 is powered by a state-of-the-art, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder 4-stroke engine with twin overhead camshafts, four valves, and electronic fuel injection. The new larger airbox allows the KTM RC Range to breathe easier. thereby providing improved responsiveness and increased torque giving it an impressive off the line launch putting the KTM RC 200 well and truly a head of the pack.


KTM RC 200 – Keeping it cool while setting the track on fire

The new curved radiator ensures superior cooling for the engine. This improves airflow throughout the engine allowing the KTM RC Range to run cooler. Thus, giving it the optimal performance temperature needed to hit the apex, lap after lap, or charge through rush-hour traffic.

ktm rc 200 side view

KTM RC 200 – Improved ergonomics & comfort

As a true sports bike, special care has been taken in improving the overall ergonomics of the KTM RC 200. For example, the knee area is now ergonomically developed to allow for more rider movement. It is as narrow as possible with the largest possible contact area.

The new bodywork is designed for optimized wind and weather protection. Also, enhanced heat management by using a combination of inner and outer body panels to direct airflow away from the rider.


KTM RC 200 – Getting to weight of the matter

The bikeman

This Sunday we got an opportunity to Ride the Gen 2 KTM RC 200 at the Pune Kartdrome. Here is what our associate – The Bikeman had to say about the motorcycle:

  •  The KTM RC 200 is a bit crunchy for a daily use but still accommodates a person like me weighing140+ KGs.
  • I believe it can cruise through city roads with a flair pacing through others in its segment.
  • The mirror on the bike is functional and not just aesthetic.
  • The indicators integrated in the visor and further with the headlights is an intelligent way of design where functionality and aesthetics meet.
  • The  volume of the tank is another clever design cue that is used for this machine. About a third larger yet so dismal.
  • Not just rider seat is more comfortable than its older version. Here the comfort is seen on the pillion seat too.
  • Another great feature added to this machine is its adjustable handle risers. This builds in lot of confidence in the rider.
  • Overall it is a well balanced bike with right power for the road use. This is not a commuter but definitely does justice to the purpose it is meant for.


KTM is celebrating 10 years of it’s presence in the Indian market this year.

Thus, they are offering a special price of Rs. 1.82 Lacs (Ex-SR, Delhi) on KTM RC 200 to mark the occasion  .”


For more details on the KTM RC 200 Model page: