The Ultimate Mojo 300 is finally here

The Ultimate Mojo 300 is finally here

October 24, 2021 0 By The Editor

The Ultimate Mojo 300 – In the Beginning..

The Ultimate Mojo 300 is finally here!! Somewhere in the middle of December 2020 BikeAdvice posted an article in questioning the whereabouts of the FOUR Mojos Mahindra promised. To know about TUM300, let us first get to know about the Explorer Kit. And also a bit of the Mahindra Mojo Lineage till date.


The Ultimate Mojo 300: Mojology – Between 2015 and 2021:

  • Engine – BS4 and BS6 updates made as per the norms and timelines.
  • Power – there has been a bhp or two reduced, but then again what is on paper is not what is on the throttle
  • Exhaust – A single exhaust setup from dual, recently a dual exhaust setup (a one off build)
  • ABS – a long awaited feature finally made in roads on the 2019 iteration.
  • Tyres – from radials to biased setup. This allows for more options of aftermarket tyres and 10mm gain of ground clearance. Additionally, the 2020 Mojo has two different brand of tyres across two “variants”.
  • Front suspension – the transition from USD to telescopic is considered as a downgrade. Let’s look at it this way – in case of suspension failure the rider is not completely stranded. In USD all the oil immediately drips out almost immediately, courtesy gravity and its orientation. Also, it is allows for a conventional suspension repair shop to fix it and thus reduce downtime.


The Ultimate Mojo 300 – MOJO Xplorer Kit 

Earlier this year Autologue Design launched the Mahindra MOJO Xplorer Kit. Launched at 15,000/- plus shipping and taxes. Limited to just 15 units, the pre- order kits sold out in a few hours!! Currently the kit is available on the Autologue Design website at 20,000.00 INR plus shipping and taxes. The Mahindra MOJO Xplorer Kit is compatible with all variants – BS3/ XT, BS4 & BS6


THE Mahindra Mojo Xplorer Kit Includes:

  • Headlamp Cover/nose
  • Side panels + tank cover
  • Relocation brackets
  • Radiator cover
  • Visor (smoked or clear)
Also as an optional extra you can order MOJO TANK GRIPS for that extra grip when you need to lock in your knees.

The kit is available in the following colours:

  • Black
  • Red Agate
  • Volcano Red
  • Triton Blue
  • Ruby Red
  • Stardust Yellow
  • Glacier White


Thus we have the “An adventure tourer – Mahindra Mojo AT” launched.

This design apparently went up against another design with 61% votes as against 39%

The Ultimate Mojo 300 – 1st impressions

In a recent video post a Mahindra Mojo was spotted at Autologue Design with some “alterations” :

  • A different looking front suspension
  • Spoke wheels
  • Dual purpose tyres that looked like Timsun T823s
  • Probably a lifted rear suspension

Spoke wheels – Taking the simple a+b=c equation we can also assume that:

Tyre dimensions + front suspension = room for spoke wheel (adventure/rally setup)

Wait, didn’t we already mention that somewhere?


The Ultimate Mojo 300 – Speculation as per our last write up:

  • A slightly raised headlamp for better lighting and the “adventure feel”.
  • Air intake duct/curtains in the design to offer additional cooling
  • Visor options – tall short visor in clear and smoky options
  • Fender
  • Handlebar Risers
  • Adventure and sport Tyre options
  • An all new Tyre Hugger
  • Tail Tidy setup from Autologue Design
  • GPS navigator/ Smartphone holder with USB charger


The Ultimate Mojo 300 – visible structural alterations (Design):

The Ultimate Mojo 300 is based on the Mahindra Mojo XT with the design elements as follows –


The Ultimate Mojo 300 – front profile

The impressive front-end gets its headlight from the SWM 650 super dual. This is backed by a Rebel X navigation tower and stock digi-analog HUD placed in a one of a kind bikini fairing. At the top, a tall clear visor finishes off the front-end with a front short fender flanked by the Mojo Explorer production kit. Broader & raised handlebars wrapped in knuckle guards with Mojo switchgear.


The Ultimate Mojo 300 – mid-section

The mid section is the anchor point for the bikini fairing. Thereby, taking away the weight of the headlamp console and freeing up the steering. This adds to the overall handling of the Mahindra Mojo. The edgy Mojo explorer kit in the Mahindra Racing colors gives the motorcycle a taller feel. Also, they have added a metal sump guard for added protection at the bottom. At present, the gear shifter, foot pegs and side stand are OEM.


The Ultimate Mojo 300 – Tailgate

The rear end has been lifted to accommodate better dampening to suit rallying along with sport-touring. The seat has is redesigned for improved maneuverability. The tailgate has been removed to give the motorcycle a “Motocross look”. However, the grabrails are retained here. The left rear panel sports the Dirtlogue 100 the right is numbered “26” a nomenclature for all Autologue Design Custom builds.

Also, the dual exhaust is replaced with a single stock cannister and lifted profile. To accommodate the lifted exhaust, the footrest bracket is chopped down to hold just the front foot pegs. Autologue Design, however has retained the rear Delta box swing arm.


The Ultimate Mojo 300: “Speculation Vs Reality” – features/components

Here is the list of the components that make up the The Ultimate Mojo 300:

  • Brembo brakes – Brembo is a brand that is synonymous with automotive performance endeavors and definitely needs no introduction here
  • Excel rims – While they have a plain Jane look, these are rally spec/sports application rims
  • Timsun tyres – Most Mojo’s are said to be at home with Timsun tyres, here we have the TS837 tyres
  • Fast ace suspension – Rally-spec/ sports application suspension for improved handling
  • Rebel X navigation tower – The product meets DAKAR and FIM Rallies Requirements. It is adjustable Instruments Height and Inclination
  • Custom version of the Mojo Xplorer Body kit – As a one off build this is a unique Mojo Xplorer Body kit
  • Motogadget Mblue unit – For seamless power delivery, Keyless Connectivity and Riding Diagnostics
  • Ngk plugs – Adding to the robust Mahindra Mojo power mill are the plugs by NGK for optimal performance
  • K & N filter – With all that power and bulk, nothing beats a fresh breathe of air hence a performance air filter
  • Custom sprocket – We believe this is part of the secret sauce so we will intentionally not reveal the specs and you can see this in the flesh at “AD HQ”


The Ultimate Mojo 300 – optional accessories(speculated):

  • Front suspension and/or fairing Fog lamps
  • Adventure styles Front Crash Guard
  • Integrated Carrier and Saddle stays for luggage mounting

Remember the Mahindra Mojos in the Photo below?

  • The Mahindra Mojo XT with USD front suspension & a MRF REVZ C tyre.
  • The other Mahindra Mojo, with a telescopic suspension – the platform for the UT300, BS4 and the all new Mahindra Mojo BS6.


Two new Mahindra Mojos - Autologue India

We believe these have taken on the avatars of:

  • Mahindra Mojo UT300 is now the Mojo Explorer 
  • Mojo XT (BS3) is now The Ultimate Mojo 300


And still there’s more – More Mahindra Mojos in the house?

The Ultimate Mahindra Mojo 300 – the way forward:

  • The recent buzz on Autologue Design social platforms see #TUM300 on proving grounds with precision motorcyclists & national level motocross racers.
  • This, has already sparked a buzz in the motorcycling community.
  • We understand that now mojo owners are looking forward to a motorcycle on the lines of TUM 300
  • Without a doubt this is (visually) the first Dakar/ Rally spec motorcycle rolled out from Autologue Design
  • We do know the first Mojo bagged the top 20 list in list on debut, another go at the “Raid or Dare”
  • Mahindra racing has already taken e-series formula & two wheelers, will this be their ticket to Dakar or National level championships?
  • Also, most street legal motorcycles are built from sport & one-off prototypes. Is this a new 2022 variant being tested to compete with the likes of Himalayan, KTM Adventure twins and the like?



Nevertheless, only time will tell. In the meantime lets await the Digital debut of The Ultimate Mojo 300


Also, after the launch of the Explorer kit for Mahindra Mojo, we see from their Instagram account  an “Angry Owl” in the making..

the #gixxerxplorer

#nsxplorer –

This indicates that there is a growing demand for adventure/ sport touring motorcycles.


Thus, it is the ideal time for Mahindra Two Wheelers to launch an all new product offering in the segment. Probably in the next financial year or near future

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