Mahindra Mojo 300ABS BS6 Review

Mahindra Mojo 300ABS BS6 Review

September 2, 2020 1 By The Editor


Mahindra Mojo is in a league of its own. It is a very robust and brilliant machine. Yet quite underrated. But time has proven that it never really competed with anybody. It built a tribe for itself and slowly but surely chipped away at winning hearts. Today we take a look at the all new Mahindra Mojo 300ABS BS6 .

Ever since its launch in 2015, the Mahindra Mojo has been proving it’s touring credentials with:

  • Rugged build quality
  • Refined engine
  • Comfortable ergonomics
  • Versatile nature

In 2019, the Mahindra Mojo 300 ABS came in with a major improvement in handling and braking with dual channel abs. Thus, an attraction of sorts for a larger audience . Motorcyclists upgrading from smaller capacity motorcycles could adapt to it easily. So also,  experienced riders tapped into its touring and offroading prowess. The dual channel abs of course came in as a safety net which inspired a lot of confidence.


I did a break in ride on the Mahindra Mojo 300ABS BS6 completing 960 km in 2 days. This involved a lot of highway and city riding.

Mahindra Mojo 300ABS BS6 – The 5 year evolution

Also, followed by the changes you’ll see in the Mojo 300 ABS Bs6 variant.


Mahindra Mojo 300ABS BS6 – Design

The quirky headlamp, the beautiful LED tail lamp, alloy wheels, sculpted muscular fuel tank, underbelly pan, radiator cowls give the Mojo a very muscular appeal. The telescopic suspension with fork brace, the chunky exhaust, the exposed twin tube frame and swingarm balance out the design well giving it a large rugged look. The large dimensions and it’s beautiful distinctive exhaust note announce it’s arrival and turns heads wherever it goes.



The headlight styling though is a personal preference. It’s got a quirky bug eyed twin headlamp design which you’ll either love or hate. A lot of people have grown on it and absolutely love it as this distinctive headlight design has become the identity of the Mojo. But if you don’t like it, you can always put on a round headlamp and a lot of other custom jobs can be done to personalize your bike.

Yes! NAFS Motors has been tailor making mojos based on each individual’s requirements and custom kits like touring kit, scrambler kit, streetfighter kit and a huge range of accessories will be available.


Mahindra Mojo 300ABS BS6 – Engine & Performance

  • The 295cc single cylinder, liquid cooled heart of the Mojo has always been a gem and been praised for it’s high refinement levels.
  • It’s a got an advanced DOHC set up that churns out 25.35 bhp @ 7300 rpm and 26nm torque @ 6000 rpm.
  • The 6 speed gearbox makes it happy to cruise comfortably.
  • To meet the bs6 emission norms, a pre catalytic converter has been added which has slightly reduced the power on paper. But in the real world the difference is hardly felt.
  • In fact the tuning is really good increasing the bottom end torque thanks to the all new BS6 ECU and a larger sprocket in the rear.
  • Despite of the reduced power on paper, I (97 kg rider) managed to hit a top speed of 157kmph on speedo.
  • The bike just like it’s previous versions, happily cruises at 110-120 kmph.
  • it’s strong mid range always has enough juice for the quick overtakes.
  • Acceleration isn’t brisk as the power is delivered in a very relaxed manner. But this makes the Mojo very versatile.

Mahindra Mojo top speed

It’s not frantic like the KTMs that always want to be pushed hard.

Also, neither it’s like REs that would only prefer being in lower revs and feel stressed at higher revs and speeds.

The Mojo can cruise happily at lower speeds and if you ring the throttle it’s got enough juice to have some good fun. High speed stability on the Mojo has always been impressive as the bike felt rock solid at triple digit speeds and this aspect will be highly appreciated by touring oriented bikers. The versatile nature of the Mojo makes it really suitable in our Indian conditions.

Peppy in the city, rock solid on the highways and off road.


 Handling & Ergonomics

The seating posture on the Mojo is just perfect given it’s touring DNA. The upright raised handlebars, the centre set footpegs, the new improved well cushioned larger rider and pillion seat make the Mojo extremely comfortable for long tours and city riding.



The new telescopic suspensions with the revised rake angle & raised steering geometry (introduced last year in Mojo abs bs4) make the bike feel a lot lighter and nimble. The 186 kgs of curb weight is hardly felt, making it extremely fun to maneuver in the city traffic, on corners and yet remains extremely stable at high speeds. The telescopic suspension come with a fork brace that gives  really good stability while braking hard and doing off road. The revised steering geometry and lighter front end feel makes it extremely easy to even stand and ride off road. Handling is one department where the Mojo 300 ABS has improved majorly.

The older Mojo XT with the USD forks made the bike feel front heavy which all though gave good stability, made it difficult to maneuver with the given weight of the motorcycle. One might argue as to why the USD forks were given away including myself. But after spending some good time with the Mojo 300 ABS, I was all smiles and laughing with joy inside my helmet with the way it handled especially  in city, corners, off road and no roads in the forests around Valparai which I did last year with a pillion. One must ride the Mojo 300 ABS to experience this improved handling. The bike is heavy and sturdy. Yet feels very light and nimble.



This is another aspect where there’s been a major improvement on the Mojo 300 ABS. It retains the same 320mm petal disc brake and 240 mm rear disc brake. But the Bybre set up makes a world of a difference compared to the J Juan units that the XT had before. You now have better braking but most importantly better feel and feedback out of the brakes that inspires a lot of confidence.

Dual channel ABS comes standard adding to the safety net and works really well with the right amount of intrusiveness on road and off the road. Mahindra along with Bybre and Continental took a lot of time to develop the braking and abs system and the outcome is simply superb. It’s now easily one of the best braking system in the segment. One must try it to believe it.


 Tank capacity

The massive muscular 21L metal tank is the biggest in segment and bigger than a lot of bigger touring bikes too. You’re looking at a range of at least 550 km or a lot more depending on your riding style. While the other bikes will have to stop frequently for fueling up, the Mojo can happily tour. The tank capacity clearly indicates what the bike is made for. Mojo goes everywhere.



The Pirelli Angel CT tires are good urban tires that provide a good trade off between tyre life, grip and price. These are biased tires which means that they can take some good beating off the road as well. The more affordable Black Pearl color scheme though gets the MRF Zapper tires.

Tires can always be changed based on your personal riding preference. If you’re somebody who’d love to do high speed touring and are a cornering junky, you can always switch to good W rated radials tires.

And if you’re somebody who’d like to go everywhere and do some serious off road, you can always slap some good dual purpose tires.



Mojo has easily been the best sounding single cylinder motorcycle. Be it the Dual exhaust set up or the Single exhaust set up for that matter. There’s an option of pulling off the db killers or even adding custom DB killers to personalize the beautiful exhaust note.

The bike now comes with a single exhaust set up that’s been raised up to provide better cornering clearance. The additional of pre-catalytic converter for the Bs6 variant has made the exhaust note a bit mild but still retains the distinctive DNA.

A few might miss the dual exhaust set up. But the dual set up had to be given away due to really high production cost. What many don’t know is that these are premium exhausts designed specifically for mojo and imported from Italy.


However the dual exhaust set up can be added at an additional cost.

Dual Exhaust Mojo 300ABS BS4

A few riders have successfully added the dual exhaust set up on the Mojo abs BS4 variant which worked really well with the stock BS4 ECU.

It’s possible on the Mahindra Mojo 300ABS BS6 variant too but needs a bit more R&D and testing. 

In my opinion the Mahindra Mojo bs6 with DB killers removed delivers the best note. It has a mild bass with just the right amount of sound that’ll get attention.  But keep the revs low and it won’t get the unwanted attention. Earlier set ups without db killers could get annoying during long tours. But now on the bs6  it some how feels just right.


 Limp home mode

This feature isn’t available in any bike of this segment. Due to overheating or any sort of cooling related malfunction, the ECU restricts the bike at 5000 rpm. You can easily limp to your home or the nearest service station. Most of the other bikes in the segment would simply shut off in this scenario.  Thus calling for a tea break while it cools down.


Mahindra Mojo 300ABS BS6  – What’s new?

  • Pre catalytic converter to meet the emission norms.
  • Change in the position of the Lambda sensor to behind the radiator which earlier was prone to water and dust.
  • All new BS6 ECU which has improved  the fueling in lower revs.
  • Also, the ECU now is also square in shape, compact and mounting has been revised to make it better during water crossings.


Mahindra Mojo 300ABS BS6 – All new attractive colours which I personally love a lot.

 Pearl Black

The classic good old all black finish like its predecessor – the Mojo abs bs4.


 Garnet Black

Primarily black in colour. But gets a red frame, swingarm and red rim stickers which I personally love a lot. Gives it a Ducati ish kind of look.


 Ruby Red

Dual tone scheme of Red & black. Grab rails and Rim stickers in red give it a very interesting touch.


 Red Agate

Dual tone paint scheme of Red & White which have always been the flagship colors of Mahindra and the Mojo but this time with a different design.


Mahindra Mojo 300ABS BS6 – Next level Customization?

Mojo is one such bike that can be personalized really well to suit one’s preferences. Apart from the huge range of accessories and custom kits, a few tweaks can be done to enhance it’s performance.


Mahindra Mojo Streetfighter Mahindra Mojo Z 1000 Mahindra Mojo garnet black  Mahindra Mojo Red Agate Scrambler

Mahindra Mojo matt black

Mahindra Mojo modified

 Lluvia custom sprockets  

Adding the performance sprocket can further increase the initial pick up.

Adding the touring sprockets can increase top speed and have higher cruising speeds at a given RPM


 Mantra Racing Air Filter

It’s a stock replacement air filter made of premium material. This helps the bike breathe better, resulting in slight bump in power but more essentially a better throttle response.



Tires can always be changed to your personal preference based on your style of riding.


Overall the Mojo is a solid product that didn’t get enough attention due to the lack of marketing. Mahindra wanted the bike to speak for itself. Indeed, word of mouth marketing is what’s helped the most. Seems like the top management at Mahindra has slowly realized how the Mojo deserves more attention. The immense love from the Mojo tribe for the Mahindra Mojo has helped the Tribe grow bigger and stronger. A lot of Mojo tribesmen have done over 1 Lakh kms on the mojo. They have covered the lengths and breadths of the country and cross country. A few have even covered 2 lakh kms and raced in one of toughest rally’s of the planet, Raid de Himalaya. Not only this, they have a podium finish their class multiple times.

Now with the BS6 version coming in and a lot of options to tailor make the Mojo, things are only going to get better.

Farhan Khan with the Mojo BS6

Cheers and Happy riding

Farhan Khan

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