Mahindra Mojo Ruby Red BS6 Review

Mahindra Mojo Ruby Red BS6 Review

January 26, 2021 0 By The Editor

Mahindra Mojo BSVI Ruby Red 1000km review

Mahindra Mojo BSVI Ruby Red – Introduction

The Mahindra Mojo Ruby Red BSVI is the BS6 version of the Mahindra Mojo 300 ABS. The two tone grey black seat adorns this unit. Yes, the Pirelli Angel CTs are retained. Ruby Red is an all new two tone combination. This combination has been seen in owners who are muscle car fans and those who have wanted to make their own style statement.

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Ruby red with its sun gifted powers offer warmth and compassion to its wearer. A major influencing factor is its capability to clear confusions. Similarly legend has it that motorcycling as a creative pursuit clears the mind of most disturbances and is can be considered as a “happy hobby”.

Mahindra Mojo ruby red

Mahindra Mojo Ruby Red BSVI – 1st Impressions

Riding down the city roads is indeed second nature when on the Mahindra Mojo. The responsive yet sophisticated throttle is handed down to this generation from BSIV. Adding to the fervor are the brakes, The Bybre’s bite into the road with the ABS system keeping you from swerving off your course. The riding stance is nevertheless – dauntless.

Mahindra Mojo night

Mahindra Mojo Ruby Red BSVI Vs Mojo 300ABS BSIV Vs Mahindra Mojo UT300 Vs Mahindra Mojo XT300

What changed?
  • Tyres – Diablo Rosso 2 VS MRF Zapper VS Pirelli Angel CT
  • Front Suspension – USDs vs the conventional telescopic tubes
  • The brakes – J Juan vs Bybre 
  • Seat – XT300 vs UT300 and 300ABS
  • Power figures – like looks, they are deceiving! (in the BS6)
  • Dual exhaust VS Single exhaust
  • Horn – All new and improved twins match the beastly look of the machine
  • Taller handle bar mount offers a raised handle bar with better ergonomics



Much has been said in terms of these online. Nevertheless, the Pirelli Angel CT  is a new face here. The ride in question involved highways, city and a dash of soft-roading, with bits of traffic in between. They are unlike the MRF Zappers and offer a different comfort altogether.

Front Suspension

Apart from cost and look, the absence of the USDs makes the Mojo leaner. The telescopic forks with the brace is confidence inspiring. With the 110 Pirelli biased tyre you do not really missed the Diablo Rosso. For starters,  at low speeds the steering may feel heavy. Once on the run, the bike is flick able.


The Bybre’s do offer adequate bite,  and instill confidence when the ABS kicks in. While they are not sintered, they  do offer as better stopping power than competition.

Carbonado GT2


The option for front risers and handlebar risers allow for a taller motorcycle, Don’t they? However, where almost all major manufacturers gave up the chase Team Mahindra picked up the scent. For all good reason a touring motorcycle is “Rider Comfortable”. What about the pillion? Contrary to critics, to re-iterate this is where Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited scored.

They made the pillion seat as much comfortable, here’s our reasoning:
  • The seat cushioning is softer yet denser that of the competition
  • It is longer and wider, yet accommodates almost everyone – be it friends or family
  • Best in class under thigh support makes for the perfect ride experience
  • The stock seat cover avoids any unwanted sliding in sudden braking situations
  • Sans the spilt seat form, it maintains the sport bike look without being commuter

mojo love

To sum it up, you can ask her out to a breakfast ride, come back home. In the evening take your lady out on a date. Be it a leisure outing or a trip to the bazaar for that matter, it is less likely that she will prefer the scooter or want to be driven unless the occasion demands so


Power Figures – KOT( King Of Torque) ?

Well everybody talks Bhp and Torque, don’t they? Certainly, direct comparison cannot be made here. However, the BS6 motorcycle carries forward the “bulletproof engine” moniker. The Mahindra Mojo still cruises along the highway effortlessly. Like we said the figures are deceiving. What seems rather low on paper, when you blip that throttle on a straight it still has a long way to go . The mileage figures though not taken seem to be around the 30 kmpl mark.

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Mahindra Mojo BS6 technical Specifications

Mahindra Mojo BS6 starts  at ₹199900 *ex-showroom :
  • Black Pearl – ₹199900
  • Garnet Black – 2,06,000
  • Ruby Red  – 2,11,000
  • Red Agate  – 2,11,000

Mahindra Mojo BS6 at ₹199900

This can attributed to:

  • An ECU remap and tuning
  • 5 additional relays for efficient electrical load & ECU management
  • Improved torque
  • The Mahindra Mojo Ruby Red BSVI also offers up to 10% increase in fuel economy (under standard test conditions)

Now let’s talk about Torque. Generally, there’s little room to feel the torque out. The Mojo is barely 1000 odd kilometers old. This motorcycle has never crossed 5000 rpm or 95kmph since delivery. Indeed, at low speeds a steady throttle is needed. Surprisingly it  handles off-road climbs better than the BS4.(well that can be disputable for now).


The 2020 Mahindra Mojo Ruby Red BSVI is quite a package with its handling and other dynamics. Also, the Pirelli Angel CT tyres is worth reckoning. The twin pod headlamps are brighter than ever before and the yellow beams add that nostalgia in today’s world of white LED lighting.


We are just getting started…

Mahindra Mojo 1000 kms

Mahindra Mojo Ruby Red – The story so far

  • Fuel -Indian Oil Xtra premium, shell or equivalent fuel
  • Top Speed – 95 kmph not exceeding 5000 rpm
  • Air pressure – As per company standards mentioned on swing arm




Signing off, cheers to #MOreJOurneys ahead!



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