Mahindra Mojo UT300 – 7 days seven thoughts to consider before you buy…

Mahindra Mojo UT300 – 7 days seven thoughts to consider before you buy…

March 25, 2018 1 By The Editor

Mahindra Mojo UT300 basking in the sunset at Diu Island.With the green signal given we cannot but stop venting out our pent up enthusiasm that has made #daanav300 and #raakshas300 part of the family of motorcycles that occupy our respective garages. Stepping up from the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS and stepping down from the Bajaj Dominar 400 was a shift we both are glad we made. This does not end here. After we both shared our thoughts individually in our own styles, here is where we both would draw a consensus.

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It is the last week of the last month of the current financial year and with exactly a week to go we are giving you se7en simple reasons as to why you might want to keep the Mahindra Mojo UT300 in your checklist. There is no dearth of performance motorcycles that can tour, off-road or taken to the racetrack. While the Mojo in its current avatar may not have tasted asphalt it certainly has done a lot more courtesy Mojo Baba and the Mojo trails that have had the likes of MTV VJ Rannvijay join in.

kangtani automobiles Mysore

Kangtani Automobiles – Mysore

  1. Widest set of tyres (MRF Tyres: 110/70/17 & 140/70/17) in its class/cost, sharing the same set only with the F25 brothers
  2. Sharing pretty much the same travel length the UT300 has one of the biggest diameter front telescopic forks.
  3. No eyebrow no sweat it still has the same stare sans the LEDS
  4. Rear view mirrors with a view angle that keeps you from keeling over
  5. 21-litre fuel tank that can be used quite a bit (how much? Wait for the next article)
  6. The carburetted version still has the same punch as its FI brother (we never knew the NUMBERS)
  7. Probably the only motorcycle to have a “pillion centric” seat which is not only longer but also well cushioned



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Daanav – Mahindra Mojo UT 300