Tageze launches 3 unique personalized Tags

Tageze launches 3 unique personalized Tags

July 25, 2021 0 By The Editor

Pune based start up MyTageze launches unique personalized Tags in sticker and keychain form factors. With safety at the helm, these tags are aimed to assist in streamlining information in an emergency. In today’s times we are living life on the fast track. In a decade, India has gone from 2G and is entering 5G very soon. So also, life has gone on a fast track pandemic or not.

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Taking a cue from a “Eureka Moment” a small idea gave birth to a business concept. One that not only has a commercial interest but also intends to save lives, return lost property and help find information on pets too!


When asked about the idea, in conversation with us here is what My Tageze founder Deepak had to say –

“When I was planning a long motorcycle ride with fellow motorcyclists, my parents were worried about my safety. Among this group everyone wasn’t personally acquainted with each other. Thus, the idea of a self identification ICE (In Case of Emergency) tag. That way all my details in case of a medical emergency can be retrieved from a compact QR code. Hence, it will speak for me when I am not able to ! Also, I’ve extended this concept to tagging valuable items and store owner’s information in it. With the details, the lost items can be returned to its rightful owner.”


Also, for pets they have “Dog Tags” in his words. the founder’s inputs –

“The Dog Tag idea came in to play when I found that it is difficult to know dog’s vaccination details. Also, locating an owner’s contact details in case the dog is lost or when a dog bites someone. At that time this information comes handy, be it locating the owner or treating the dog bite victim.”



We have a unique tag which provides vital information required in an emergency situation, through QR Code technology which can be accessed through any smartphone camera app or any third-party QR code scanner app in any location and time.

Also Tageze does not require an INTERNET NETWORK to scan its QR code.


The following products are available Under Tageze product line:

Medical ID Sticker –

The Medical ID Sticker  is a QR code based sticker which is pasted on a motorcycle, car, helmet or bicycle. The QR code when scanned provides a person’s medical information required in an emergency situation. Thus, it saves crucial time during a medical emergency and helps save lives. Also, the same medical ID is available in keychain form for keys, luggage and children’s backpack.

MyTageze Medical ID Sticker

Find My Owner Sticker –

Find My Owner Sticker is made for laptops, mobile phones, DSLR cameras, GoPros, passports, or any other valuable belongings. This sticker, when scanned displays the owner information to the finder. So that way, the owner can be contacted and thus the lost valuable item is returned.


Dog Tag –

The Dog Tag is a special collar tag for our furry friends (dogs) which has dog’s & its owner’s information. In case a dog is lost the Tageze Dog Tag when scanned, will provide the required information. Also it has its VET details that can be useful in case of a dog bite.

Dog Tag

*All above products are personalized Tags which are specially made to order


About Tageze

At Tageze, the team believes that they exist to save lives and provide peace of mind. They are working with a passion to change the world for the better. They believe the more we connect, the more powerful we all are collectively. Their vision is to share a world where everyone can find everything that matters.


To Connect with MyTageze click on the links below:

MyTageze Website – www.mytageze.com





Here is an Informative Video on the product, click on the link below to watch the video:



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