Tageze Medical ID Stickers: 1 of a kind Free Personal Accident Insurance

Tageze Medical ID Stickers: 1 of a kind Free Personal Accident Insurance

January 31, 2024 0 By The Editor

Now get Free Personal Accident Insurance added to your backup plans. In a first-of-its-kind initiative, Tageze, the leading provider of medical ID stickers for bikers, riders, and motorcyclists, is offering a complimentary 1-year Personal Accident Insurance cover of INR 1,00,000 to all customers who purchase a Tageze Medical ID Sticker starting December 17, 2023. This exclusive offer provides riders with valuable peace of mind, knowing they are not only equipped with critical emergency information readily accessible through their Tageze sticker, but also financially protected in case of an unexpected accident.

This is a convenient and discreet way to carry your vital medical information. It can be applied to various surfaces, including helmet, motorcycle, car or any other surface you choose. The sticker displays essential medical information such as allergies, blood type, and emergency contact details, ensuring that medical professionals have access to vital information in case of an emergency. The Medical ID Sticker is perfect for anyone who wants to ensure that their medical information is always accessible.

Your Privacy and Control with Tageze

At Tageze Company, your privacy and control over your personal information is their top priority. They want to reassure you that your emergency medical information is treated with the utmost care and respect. They do not share or sell your emergency medical information with any third party, and it is used exclusively for its intended purpose – to assist in emergency situations.

About Tageze:

Tageze is a revolutionary digital emergency ID system designed specifically for bikers and riders. Their unique stickers feature a QR code and/or ID PIN that allows first responders and medical professionals to instantly access a rider’s medical information in case of an accident. This partnership with United India Insurance Co. Ltd. marks a significant step forward in Tageze’s mission to enhance rider safety and well-being. Ride confidently, knowing you’re covered. Get your Tageze Medical ID Sticker with free Personal Accident Insurance today!


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