Okinawa’s i-Praise opens at 450 units!!

January 5, 2019 0 By The Editor

450 units of ‘The Intelligent Scooter’ booked till the end of 2018

Okinawa Scooters, India’s fastest-growing electric two-wheeler manufacturing company is all set to alter the paradigm of the country’s EV space with its Okinawa i-Praise e-scooter. A testimony to the incredible features of what’s being hailed as ‘The Intelligent Scooter’ is the fact that within a few days of booking opening, 450 units of Okinawa i-Praise have already been booked. In a heartening development that demonstrates the growing acceptance of e-scooters across the country, a majority of the bookings for the revolutionary i-Praise have come from all the cities like Tier I – Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad,  Tier II – Bhopal, Nasik, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Ambala, Vishakhapatnam etc. and in Tier – III – Mysore, Bulandshahar, Gorakhpur, Warangal, Trichy, Trissur etc.  The expected launch of Okinawa i-Praise is towards end of January 2019.

Apart from the trust and high-performance standards that any Okinawa product stands for, i-Praise is already creating ripples in the market with its exceptional lithium-ion battery which is conveniently detachable. This eliminates the hassles associated with charging the battery in areas that have poor charging infrastructure as well as high-rise buildings which are extremely popular across major cities today.

Elaborating further on the success of i-Praise booking, Mr. Jeetender Sharma, MD, Okinawa Scooters said

“We had set an initial target of closing bookings for 500 Okinawa i-Praise units by 15th January, 2019 and we are thrilled to announce that we have achieved 90% of this target well ahead of time. A major reason behind these really positive numbers is the fact that the e-scooter is equipped with detachable lithium-ion batteries that compellingly address the issues related to battery charging and the time consumed for the same. We have got a good response from Tier – II & Tier – III cities as well, which shows consumers in those cities are looking forward to accept the advanced technology and attracted towards detachable battery. Further, the other USPs that make i-Praise “The Intelligent Scooter” such as its long charging range and reduced weight have made it a very appealing buy for consumers at a pan-India level.”        
  • Okinawa’s i-Praise boasts of other best-in-class features that have ensured its position as a hit in the Indian market right from the get-go.
  • It has a remarkable range of 160-180 km/charge, a reasonable charging time of 2-3 hours.
  • Weighs about 30-40% less than many of the other EVs in its category.
  • A scooter that brings the revolutionary lithium-ion battery concept to India for the first time.
  • Okinawa i-Praise is equipped with a host of other features that makes it ‘The intelligent Scooter.’
  • The features can be accessed via the ‘OkinawaEco’ app available on Google Play store after the launch of i-Praise in Jan’ 19.


Allows the user to set a virtual perimeter, ranging from 50 m to 10 km, and to receive an alert anytime the vehicle moves beyond this space. It ensures vehicle safety from unauthorized movement.

Virtual Speed limit

The ‘speed limit’ feature in i-Praise helps users to set speed thresholds for the vehicles. This especially helps parents to immediately get an alert message on the app to ensure they do not over-speed.

Curfew hours

Dor those working late night hours or are sure to be occupied during a long meeting, the e-scooter’s curfew feature helps to set ‘no ride hours’ which will continue for the defined period till the user sets it off.

Battery Health Tracker

An essential feature to help avoid helpless circumstances, it helps users keep track of the vehicle’s battery health. Users receive in-application notifications when the battery level goes below a set level.

SOS notifications

To ensure the safety of the rider and the vehicle, the i-Praise is equipped with a SOS features through which you can add a few emergency contacts to the app. The listed people will receive a notification through message or mail in case of any distress call generated by the user.

Continuous monitoring

The e-scooter also has a unique continuous driving behaviour monitoring system that observes the rider’s driving tendencies and provides continuous feedback. It also provides information on Hard Braking, Hard Acceleration, Hard Left Turn, Hard Right Turn and Speeding instance by driver and rates the performance of the driver over time.


This feature enables the rider to check all the trips taken by the vehicle on a particular date. Users can see exact details of the trips such as start/end point, how many trips it made, how many Kms it travelled in the chosen time range.


This GPS enabled feature helps you to get directions to your location and operates it via the rider’s phone. It automatically picks the rider’s current location as the start point.

Maintenance / Insurance Reminder

This feature provides users with constant reminders regarding upcoming insurance payment cycles and periodic maintenance/servicing of the vehicles.


Vehicle status

This feature shows an overall status of the vehicle, with different demarcations such as ignition status, battery voltage, current and average speed and immobilization mode status.


About Okinawa Autotech Pvt. Ltd

Founded in 2015 by Mr. Jeetender Sharma – MD and Mrs. Rupali Sharma-Chairperson, Okinawa is one of the fastest growing Indian automobile companies. It creates high-speed e-scooters and bikes. With the Corporate Philosophy of “Power the Change” & providing the “Solution to Pollution”, Okinawa clearly presents its bold stance against the global menace. It manufactures high-speed EVs with the help of state-of-the-art technology.

One of the most prominent USPs of Okinawa’s bikes is that they can travel at a high speed of 55-75km/hour without compromising on the safety quotient. These vehicles thus break the myth of e-bikes not being able to match the performance levels of vehicles running on conventional fuels.

Okinawa works on an eco-friendly, sustainable and socially responsible model with an objective of protecting nature through the ‘3 principles’ of:

  • Go green,
  • Save Mother Earth and
  • Reduce the Carbon Dioxide imprint on the planet