Rahgear Debuts at India Bike Week 2021 with STASH

Rahgear Debuts at India Bike Week 2021 with STASH

December 18, 2021 0 By The Editor

Rahgear Debuts at India Bike Week 2021 with “STASH”


Rahgear is one of the start ups that showcased their products at the India Bike Week 2021. With the number of new entrants in the motorcycling sphere this year’s event can easily be called as the year of the debutants. Once such debutant Rahgear – a luggage solution provider showcased some innovative products and formally launched “STASH“. Typically, a handlebar mounted multi-utility pack to keep ride essentials at an arm’s length. Lets get to know more about this product.

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Rahgear – Stash product overview:

A crossover pack for everyday carry. Our first product helps travelers to accommodate their travel necessities in a way that eliminates the fuss and hustle to carry huge baggage when taking pit-stops. The Stash has ample space to store all your travel essentials; it is designed to make your life easy on the go.

Stash is a versatile crossover pack with a dedicated organizer that keeps your things like phone, wallet, keys, and all the other everyday essentials accessible. The modularity of Stash makes it even better; as you can mount it on the motorcycle handle, put it on to your belt, and even carry it on your waist and shoulder with our tugged-in strap system.

rahgear stash pack

Rahgear – Stash Features

Stash is a multi purpose handlebar bag, here are some of the features that make Stash an everyday essential:

  1. Shoulder carry – whether you like it in front or back you can use it both ways to look cool on your shoulder.
  2. Easy mounting & Unmounting on handlebar – Our 2 step easy mounting and unmounting system makes everyday use a breeze.
  3. Waist carry – Like the traditional waist pouch and ease of use in it, we got you covered.
  4. Mounts on the belt – When off the bike for a longer time and don’t like straps, just put it on your belt.
  5. Multi purpose mounting straps – Straps that are versatile to mount, carry and even slide around your body for ease of use.
  6. Internal organization – Dedicated pockets so that you always find your things with ease.
  7. Sunglass compartment – Just add the protective sleeve in the pocket and turn it into a shatter proof scratch resistant sleeve.
  8. Key clip – Always find your keys with ease.

stash pack at pune offroad expedition

Talking about Rahgear, here is what Sujay Katira, Founder had to say:

“We intend to blur the lines between outdoor and everyday goods by creating versatile travel gear that is adaptable in the urban jungle as well as outdoor adventures ; what we call as “Crossover Lifestyle”.”

“These products bridge the gap between comfort and efficiency. We design each product to blend in and be a good companion to the user. Every product we bring to the market is purpose-built for the urban traveler and is a result of painstaking research and sourcing of the finest raw material and skilled craftsmanship. Above all, it lives up to our highest standards of creative and technical innovation.” 


Rahgear – Upcoming products

  • They are coming up with an amazing product which is specifically designed for commuters who travel with a laptop. It is uniquely designed, so that it can be used as a backpack as well as a tank bag.
  • Another product to look out for is the Lid. It is a versatile product to make your life comfortable and easy. It comes with multiple mounting options, you can carry it as a tail bag, tank bag and even a daypack. 


About Rahgear

They believe that everything you will ever be, lies on your next road trip. Of course, we all know, no road is too long if you have good company! That’s where Rahgear comes in – the friend and companion you need during your journey.


Our motto – Rebel Adapt Travel, is inspired by its founder’s passion to explore the unexplored! 

Sujay Katira founded the company with a vision to create modular and versatile products that would not only be convenient for the journey but would also become an indispensable travel companion. Being a passionate wanderer and a rider himself, Sujay understands that the journey is not merely about finding new places but finding your soul. He switches roles between creator, designer & consumer to bring the best possible solution to every travel-related problem.


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