Stiletto Shifter Candida Louis

Stiletto Shifter Candida Louis

March 7, 2020 0 By The Editor

This Women’s Day we have with us Stiletto Shifter Candida Louis, a name who has been synonymous with the Bajaj Dominar Australian Odyssey. Candida is a soft spoken individual who lets her travels do the talking. Today we see another aspect of the Bajaj Dominar 400. The same 2018 edition  that Shilpa Balakrishnan also owns. I wonder is just the color or the motorcycle that brings these long haulers towards the Dominar? Let’s read on and find out!

I am Candida Louis, from Hubli, South India. A Wanderlust spirit and a craving for adventure is something I was born with and as far as I can remember I started off really young, going on rides with my dad, I’ve been riding for 12 years now.

My association with riding began when I started as a pillion rider but I always knew I wanted to be on the front seat. He gifted me a motorcycle on one of my birthdays and from then onward, it’s been an incredible journey. I’ve always had a passion for riding motorcycles, because it gave me the freedom and independence to go anywhere that’s when the travel bug got to me and ever since then I’ve been dreaming of riding around the World.


My previous rides were –

I was fortunate to have worked with a Motorcycle rental company, as a Motorcycle Tour Guide for 2 years. This job helped me ride every new motorcycle that came into the market and also helped me do a lot more touring on bigger bikes. After riding in South Africa on the 1200 GS I really loved the ease and control on this motorcycle and with heated grips and other fancy stuff, it was all luxury for me.


My options were other two wheelers you had short-listed

I did not have a big budget for a motorcycle. Since I was looking for something in the range of 1.5 to 2.5 lacs and I realized the Dominar is the most reliable bike in this price range and is packed with features.


I chose my current bike because –

The color blue and also the maintenance cost is quite low. Also, I loved the braking and power.


Kilometers done on the Bajaj Dominar 400  by Stiletto Shifter Candida Louis – 30,000+ kms

My most memorable ride

In 2015, not many people knew I was riding around India. So It was very random, nothing planned. I would interact more with locals and find random places to stay eat and visit. Nowadays with such a big social media following I always tend to run into someone I know.  In this case I do not get to do the normal, local stuff like I used to. It is easier for me to ride in India since I understand most of the languages here. When I was riding through tiny towns in Thailand and Laos it was slightly difficult to communicate. I really like how people in other countries follow the rules of the road, lane discipline and also wear proper riding gear.


I would recommend the Dominar because it’s a very reliable motorcycle.  You need not worry about them solo trips or when you want to just take off. You can purely concentrate on getting to the destination. Enough power to throttle out of any terrain/situation and has the best breaking in this segment and is value for money

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