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April 12, 2018 0 By The Editor

Today we have one of the youngest yet fastest growing youtube creators who is not jus passionate about motorcycles but with the alliance of her better half is on the way to amassing a plethora of two wheelers. While we have seen her most often on her humble Honda Unicorn 160 on rare occasions she does find time to ride on her Hyosung Aquila Pro  clocking just about 18 odd thousand kilometers. In the youtube space Shilpa indeed has been around for just 10 months and going by the law of averages she has managed to amass a subscriber base of an average 1000 viewers a month. While like most vloggers she does do the standard “action cam” stuff, she does had her own tadka of unique yet informative videos predominantly in hindi. Having said that lets get to know her views on the motorcycle:

Also, here’s wishing her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I am Shilpa, A passionate Biker by heart.

Since childhood I was mostly interested in outdoor sports. During my school days I used to participate in various sports activities. I was really good at these games. During my college days I was even selected to play at state level for the Netball game. I graduated with distinction and also completed my master’s degree in commerce. After college I worked at a MNC for couple of years.According to society’s standards I was living happy and successful life.But I always felt that there was something missing in my life. So one fine day I made a commitment to follow my own heart. So I resigned from my job. I decided to explore the world around me. I realized that the best way to explore the world is on a bike. After riding for year I felt that I should share the joy of riding and experience with other girls. I wish to encourage other girls to take up riding as a hobby. So I started a YouTube channel with the name Bike My Soul.

My association with riding began when I was in college. During my college days my friend and I used to bunk college and go on a bike ride for fun. My college friends taught me to ride a bike.


No I am Officially not associated with any group, but I have done several rides with various groups.

My previous rides were:

I started with Hero Honda Passion, then upgraded to Royal Enfield 350 and then to Thunderbird 500 and now I have Hyosung Aquila Pro 650.

My options were

After riding the Thunderbird 500, the only logical upgrade was a 650 CC (My next upgrade would be Harley Street 750)

I chose my current bike because

After riding RE500 for a couple of years, I was looking for a bike with more power. My thirst for power brought me to the Aquila Pro 650. It is a massive bike with a powerful engine. It looks beautiful and its distinctive styling creates a road presence like no other motorcycle.

The number of kilometres clocked so far

I have clocked 18,000+ kilometres on my Aquila Pro. And I hope to get more in future.

My most memorable rides

Until date my ride to Goa for India Bike Week festival 2017 was the most memorable ride. I met bikers from all over during this festival.

I would recommend/ Not recommend that girls/ ladies buy this bike because:

Hyosung Aquila Pro 650 is a Powerful cruiser bike.

The bike is extremely comfortable.

Its feels like riding on clouds.

The bike has a V-Twin engine, hence it roars like a lion when you rev it.

This bike is also one of the most head turning motorcycles in the market.

To know more about shilpa’s odyssey do give her a look up on Youtube

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