The Emflux ONE – Make in India Electric Superbike showcased at Auto Expo 2018

The Emflux ONE – Make in India Electric Superbike showcased at Auto Expo 2018

February 7, 2018 0 By The Editor

It all begins with the eyes, from the first  moment you make eye contact up to the time it comes at an arm’s reach every object can be desirable in the eye of the beholder. The Emflux ONE was designed to have the proportions and aggression of a superbike coupled with the serenity of an electric vehicle. The idea was to have big, clean, and beautifully flowing surfaces guided by sharp purposeful lines, combined with a confident stance, strong proportions, and a sculpted overall volume. Electric technology is clean and beautiful – and the design just had to be an embodiment of that emotion. All the design panels were meticulously handcrafted with fiberglass. But design is not only about the external parts, and it is not only about looking good – it’s also about functionality. In this regard, the design team worked in tandem with the Mechanical Engineers to create a product that functions as handsomely as it looks. with the exception of the brakes, tyres and the suspension, every single component on the motorcycle has been designed and engineered in-house.


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The mechanical systems were based off the design requirements. After many iterations of design and conformability, a concept was created that could work well both in form and function. The trellis frame was engineered to keep the design simple and effective, and to keep the weight down while also providing optimum rigidity for improved handling and riding dynamics. It was also designed to house the 9.7 kWh battery pack which is the single biggest and heaviest component on the motorcycle. The trellis single sided swing-arm, the first of its kind in India came with its own set of challenges, and it too was designed for minimum weight and maximum strength. The 60 kW motor, coupled with the single speed reduction gearbox, have also been packaged for mass centralization. All of these components come together seamlessly to give you a package that’s not only robust, but beautiful. But of course, this motorcycle wouldn’t be complete without the very things that turn the wheel – the Electrical and Electronic components.

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The electric drivetrain components available in the market were nowhere near as powerful or inter-compatible as the ones that would be needed to run this motorcycle, so the engineers at Emflux decided to develop all the components in-house. It was important that all the electronic components work together as one cohesive unit. The drivetrain includes the battery pack, the BMS, an on-board charger, the motor controller, and the motor which is run by a powerful master controller capable of running powerful neural networks. Everything is controlled digitally to improve performance and convenience via over-the-air updates. These are some of the most power-dense circuits in the industry. For example, the motor controller which weighs only 2 kilos including the casing and heat sink can still deliver 60 kW of power. The charging stations christened WARP Charger will be installed on highways and other strategic points once the law allowing resale of electricity is changed.


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Emflux Aims to help other companies develop their EV solutions by leveraging the patentable technologies they developed for Emflux ONE. They can develop the electric drivetrain including the battery, BMS, charger, motor controller and the motor for 2 as well as 4 wheelers.Emflux will generate revenue by selling premium performance bikes and also by licensing their technology to OEM companies as well as developing customized solutions for others. Emflux plans to produce just 199 units of the Emflux ONE for the Indian market and another 300 for the export. The standard version of the Emflux ONE is priced at 6 Lakh (~USD 9350) on road and with the three performance upgrades of Ohlins suspension, forged alloy wheels and ultralight carbon fiber panels, the price will be 11 Lakh (~USD 17150) on road.

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