TIMSUN tyres forays into the Indian tyre market

TIMSUN tyres forays into the Indian tyre market

July 10, 2018 4 By The Editor

The Make in India initiative of the Government of India and the effect of import duties opened doors for  prospective Indian manufacturers and the same time the tyre production industry in India showed a significant growth in India specially in the two wheeler segment. The availability of raw material and huge local consumption offers great avenues for those wanting to invest in manufacturing tyres in India. The fact that another major international tyre manufacturing company has officially entered through a joint venture with another Indian brand showed the way for others to follow suit. The factors of low investment and high consumption in the two wheeler segment makes for an easy entry for manufacturers and traders to kickstart operations owing to the recent motorcycling revolution that has taken the country by storm.


The Indian two-wheeler tyre market is highly brand conscious and the leading brands have been able to establish a market for themselves with their long-term business and service in two-wheeler segment. While two of the recent international players made their mark in the market with their quality standards, one of them recently entered the volume business after they started manufacturing tyres in India through a joint venture.

The performance tyre market caters to informed buyers and the Indian commuter segment buyers are not aware of the basic quality parameters of the tyres like the softness of the tyres, speed ratio, load index etc. The leading brands supplies hard compound rubber tyres and are able to produce much cheaper compare to imported soft/medium compound tyres.  The positivity in the Indian economy has increased the purchasing power of individuals and this has lead to a vertical increase in sales of 150cc and above bikes in market. With the changing times riders are getting more concerned and aware about the safety requirements and looking not just at word of mouth opinions but also at the digital platform that offers plethora of information at their fingertips.


Keeping in mind the potential buyers needs, Timsun Tyres has entered the Indian market to offer a wider range of not just performance but also purpose built tyres to suit the needs of today’s motorcyclists. Taking the benchmarks to another level are the dual-purpose tyres that offer a mix of street as well as off-road trail riding prowess. In today’s market most tyres available are either trail friendly or track fiends but are bereft of this duality which gives Timsun an opportunity to explore. As a company they set foot on Indian shores barely a year ago but have been gaining popularity purely by word of mouth and are currently in the process of setting up their network to meet the needs of the growing demand, especially in the 200 – 600cc class of motorcycles.

About Timsun Rubber Tire (Weihai) Co. Ltd.

Timsun Rubber Tire (Weihai) Co. Ltd. is a modern Sino-Taiwan joint venture, is a research and development and production of performance tires for motorcycles. TIMSUN have a modern state of the art manufacturing facility in Weihai city and a full-fledged R&D unit has risen as one of the best performance tire brand across the world within a decade. They also produce butyl inner tubes. With the Taiwanese quality standards and Chinese manufacturing strengths combined, TIMSUN as a brand places itself in the niche segment and has set its ambitions on the mass market.

TIMSUN‘s over 77000 Sq Metre plant has the capacity to produce over 16 million high performance tires per year. The Weihai Engineering Technology Research Centre owned by Timsun Rubber Tire (Weihai) Co., Ltd continues its research focused on safety and better performance on different terrains and climate conditions.

TIMSUN tires comply with most of the quality standards including JIS (Japan), DOT (US), E4 etc. TIMSUN have a wide range of tires to suit almost all the motorcycles and scooters across the world. They also have a wide range of patterns focused to suit versatile conditions across the world.
The company has won accolades as the national high-tech enterprises, innovation driven development and capacity of the top enterprises in Shandong Province, Shandong integrity demonstration enterprises; Shandong civilized integrity of the top 100 Taiwan funded enterprises.

In order to enhance the publicity of the brand, Timsun invited the VMA team from America to recreate a new VI system in 2012 and then presented it to the public. With the evolution of the means of transportation, Timsun has been advertising its brand in various forms of ATL and BTL.


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