xBhp Meetup United 2021 – a celebration of community motorcycling

xBhp Meetup United 2021 – a celebration of community motorcycling

December 13, 2021 0 By The Editor

xBhp Meetup United 2021 – Pune edition

xBhp Meetup United 2021 Pune edition saw Pune’s riding community assemble to partake in this winter meetup. At 7:30 am post ride briefing, the motorcade consisting of various riding groups set out from Balewadi High street to the venue KTM Wakdewadi. This Sunday’s ride was host to not just street, sport or adventure motorcycles it also saw scooterettes join in as well. Thus echoing  – the true essence of xBhp which is:

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xBhp, an acronym for ‘x’ amount of Braking Horse-Power and where ‘x’ could be any value between zero to infinity, signifying any two wheeler from a bicycle to the most powerful motorcycles. 

At the KTM Wakdewadi premises the first agenda of the day was partaking in breakfast and camaraderie. Mr. Aditya Dharmadhikari & Mr. Paavan Tandon from KTM India welcomed the bikers and introduced the host  – Mr. Manan Chaturvedi. Mr. Manan began the session with a series introductory videos talking about xBhp’s journey. He then introduced his team member & co-host Ms. Ankita Arora, the xBhp Pune SPOCS, team and others who were a part of this edition’s meet.

Taking the session further, he spoke of  KTM’s endeavors to not just sell motorcycles but also offer training and experiences to its wide range of customers. KTM India operations began about a decade back with with two models. Today, the brand is 11 SKU strong offering options in 3 major segments:

  • Sports
  • Street
  • Adventure Sport

In- between sessions there were a few interactive sessions and quiz giveaways for the participants who were presented with xBhp magazines. The last segment saw a special unveil of the all-new MY 2022 KTM RC 125 in an Ebony black & orange livery. The event concluded with a group photo ops session of all attendees with the all-new KTM RC 125.


xBhp Meetup United 2021 – The Speakers

Raheesh (Race) Khatri – One of India’s youngest dirt track racers, Raheesh shared his track experiences as on the crowd listened in awe and cheered him on while spoke about his goal to take the national flag to the MotoGP podium one day.

Taking the stage next was Rohan – A Pune based racer. As a first Rohan delivered his speech in Marathi. During his interaction he spoke about his early days spent in Lavasa on his KTM and his rise to being of one of 10 finalist in the Gixxer Cup. Seventh – to be precise, rising out of a 150 track racers shortlisted across the country. Also, he emphasized that one should ride safe while on road and that use the skill learnt on track to be better motorcyclists on road.

The concluding talk was given by Lt. Col Sohan Roy, an army veteran and xBhpian. He shared anecdotes on with a strong message. That one shouldn’t buy a motorcycle to look good on it, but more so because he or she can resonate with it and in case of a breakdown and able to fix it.

raheesh khatri

xBhp Meetup United 2021 – The Riding groups that participated in the event are:

  • xBhp Pune
  • The Lycans Pune
  • Viper Riders Pune
  • Mojo Tribe Pune
  • Flying Squad India
  • Roadshakers
  • Dominar Clan Pune
  • Motobyte
  • One Life Ride It
  • Road Thrill
  • Gixxer Club Pune
  • Restless Riders India
  • Benelli Owners Club Pune
  • WheelSafar


Through this release xBhp Meetup United Team thanks all the admins and team members who participated. Furthermore they look forward to connecting with more motorcyclists and groups not just in the city but also across the country as they ride as one community resonating “I the biker, We the Power!!”


About xBhp

xBhp, an acronym for ‘x’ amount of Braking Horse-Power and where ‘x’ could be any value between zero to infinity, signifying any two wheeler from a bicycle to the most powerful motorcycles. It started out as a single page website in 2001 and now stands proud as the country’s biggest online motorcycling club with an ever-growing brotherhood of 80,000+ registered members.

Today it is an ever-expanding nation of bikers where knowledge, skills and curiosity reign supreme, way above differences in age, social background, financial standing, religious beliefs, and even nationalities. A great and exceptional unifying force that forges bonds beyond boundaries and borders. The online activities have been interspersed with massive rides not just encompassing India but doing so in many nations across the globe. Add to that several pan-nation activities in association with several major global brands, contests that bring out the best of the talent in terms of riding skills, blogging abilities, photographic excellence and selfless sharing.


xBhp magazine

Year 2010 saw the coming of the xBhp magazine, the entities’ firm and decisive step into the print media world. Riding astride the ‘i The Biker’ concept, the magazine is focused on projecting and promoting safe and sane motorcycling not just as a lifestyle but also as a life-choice by itself. It derives its content directly from those who it is destined for – the biker within. The vision being to make its reader not just a better-informed biker but a truly better biker. The magazine has got informal accolades from eminent personalities around the world for its quality and ethos.


About KTM:

True to its “Ready to Race” philosophy, KTM has an unparalleled legacy in motorsports with over 300+ world championships spanning over 66 years since 1953. Since its entry into India in 2012, KTM has grown its presence to over 347 cities and 468 stores. KTM has built a strong customer base of over 2.7 lakh biking enthusiasts in this short time, making India the largest global market for KTM. The partnership of Bajaj Auto Limited and KTM is over 13 years old, with Bajaj Auto Limited owning ~48% stake in KTM AG.


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