REV YOUR SOUL App downloads at India Bike Week 2021

REV YOUR SOUL App downloads at India Bike Week 2021

December 11, 2021 0 By The Editor

REV YOUR SOUL App downloads at India Bike Week 2021

REV YOUR SOUL App downloads at India Bike Week 2021, literally! At the recently concluded motorcyclist oriented event held at the Amby Valley airstrip the app witnessed a good number of enthusiasts who braved cellular network  glitches and engaged with the all-new community centric platform. Thus, over the weekend the platform witnessed over a thousand downloads adding to its wide user base of 20,000+ users across both platforms(Android & iOS).

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Located at Stall no. 30 – EVO Biking Expo we caught up with N.M. Anand Mohan Murthy, FOUNDER & MANAGING DIRECTOR, here is what he had to say

“In a time where bikers are restricted by their geographies, bike brands, riding clubs and WhatsApp groups, do not all bikers want a platform that goes beyond these limitations to connect with bikers and create a biking brotherhood? The solution is finally here, “Rev Your Soul – Motorcycle Riding App.”

“Rev Your Soul is a mobile application, which provides an exclusive platform for Bikers to connect and engage. It endeavors to diminish the challenges faced by bikers before, during, or after their rides. With these challenges being taken care of, bikers are left with just one thing – “Eat, Sleep, Ride, Repeat”


Rev Your Soul – Introduction

Rev Your Soul is a community based Riding platform, where users just signup to connect with bikers all over the country. Now you can go beyond your existing groups, geographic limitations and bike brands to ride with other bikers from all over the country, make new friends and memories by simply hosting a ride on the App or joining a ride created by other users.


Rev Your Soul – The How?

A user can invite bikers for the Ride from all over India based on either their specific Bike Brand or more particularly the Bike Model.  Users who get the invitation are free to accept the ride with no restrictions whatsoever. Users can also ride with their existing clubs or groups by creating a Private Ride, which is only accessible to his group members, thereby giving them exclusivity.


“A Ride for all types of rides”

Rev Your Soul is the only mobile application in India that provides an entire ecosystem to cater to Motorcyclist needs. Users can create their own Rides or join the Rides created by others across India. Create Brand exclusive rides or multi-brand or private group rides. Rev Your Soul also aggregates Biking Events from all across India, for its Users to access and participate, which Bikers were not aware of due to their geographic limitations. Users can also “Host their own Biking Events.”


“Biker’s Marketplace”

Rev Your Soul also hosts a Marketplace where it aggregates biking merchandise and accessories from the biggest brands in India, for its users to access and purchase. Users can also sell their Pre-owned Bikes and Merchandise with ease and without any middlemen involved.


“Because Every ride has a Story”

As riders like to post pictures of the places they have ridden to, Rev Your Soul also provides a Stories section to engage with the community. With these Story posts, Users get to increase their Following on the App and motivate the biking community to explore new places.


Rev Your Soul USP:

Rev Your Soul USP revolves around the Ride Features which allows Bikers to meticulously Plan their rides to its finer details and create a Ride Itinerary such as:

  • “Start – Destination Location”
  • “start date & time”
  • “end date & time”
  • halts
  • approx. distance
  • invite bike brands or
  • private groups

Also, Its Main Ride Screen gives users’ access to:

  • Maps and Navigation
  • Safety Features like GPS Tracking, Alert Co-riders, Buzz Nearby Riders, Click to dial SOS Services (Ambulance, Police, RSA, NHAI)
  • and also makes available EMERGENCY INFORMATION OF BIKERS such as
  • Blood Group,
  • Emergency Contacts and
  • Medical History to others during the ride.


“Driven by Rider Safety”

All these features are a culmination of Anand’s (Founder) riding experiences over the years, to create a Biker Ecosystem. Rider Safety is the Core of this App, having lost fellow biker friends in the past. Rev Your Soul endeavors to continuously innovate in this space to provide a seamless safety experience to its users. Anand’s vision is to build the largest biking community in the world and put India on the Global Map as a Bikers Destination.


Rev Your Soul App was launched in December 2020 and they are already 20,000+ Bikers strong, who are exploring the App and going on rides every week.


About Rev Your Soul

Rev Your Soul is a brand of Kiara Motorsports Private Limited (KMSPL), founded in February 2019 by Anand and Sandhya, who are not only partners in business, but also in real life. Rev Your Soul is a recognized startup by the Department for Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce, India.

They initially started with an idea to set up a Race Track, to give bikers a safe environment to ride their machines and ensure the safety of the general public. But once the groundwork started, they realized that building a Race Track involved colossal resources, which were currently not in their reach.

With the sheer love for biking and the real-time riding experiences of Anand to contribute, with safety as a core value, “Rev Your Soul” was born with the motive of building a biking brotherhood. Rev Your Soul is an application through which bikers can independently organize rides and also have access to Participate in rides and Biking Events being organized around the globe.


For more on their Journey, visit their website

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